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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 18 & 19 - Crazy Starts 18 & 19

Well, here we are again....  Today's update is another multi-tasking update (and I can do that because I am a woman!!) LOL!

Last weekend was the first IHSW for 2015 and I did manage to actually get my needle and floss working correctly....  coincidentally, January's IHSW collided with my stitching days 16-18.  I have already shown you what I stitched on Day 16 (Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery SAL) and Day 17 (Lizzie Kate's Jingles) and the link to that update post is here: Day-15-16-17.

So that covers Friday and Saturday, what about Sunday?

Sunday was Day 18 of Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015) and I was again working on a WIP - "Witch and Friends" designed by Donna Giampa.

You last saw my lovely witch and her furry friends back in October when I was quite happily spout how clever I was that I could shoe-horn this design into 3 months worth of Hallowe'en Ornie Blog themes!  Well, umm, yes..... she didn't get finished before 2014 ended and I failed dismally in that challenge last year!  But I did manage to stitch on her after my October update (although I didn't post any further updates) and this is what she looked like before I started stitching on her again on Sunday evening.

"Witch and Friends" - Donna Giampa
Status at the end of 2014
After a couple of hours on Sunday evening, "Witch and Friends" now looks like this:

"Witch and Friends" - Donna Giampa
Status as at 18/1/2015
Not a lot of progress, but I did manage to fill in the bottom half of the owl, some more of the bottom kitty and start on the green cloak.  She is now back in the stitching basket until next month when I pull her out again.

So that rounds up the IHSW part of this post.... onto Day 19's update!

Monday (last night) was Day 19.... and another night of WIP stitching for me.  It is scary how long ago it is since you have seen this one...... almost 12 months ago!!  Day 19's WIP was my "Mini Mandala II - C" designed by Martina Rosenberg (Chatelaine Designs).

The last update on "Mini Mandala II - C" was actually on 25th February 2014.... and I hang my head in shame to say that I haven't stitched on this design since my last update!!

"Mini Mandala II - C" - Chatelaine Designs
Status as at Feb 2014
So after a little bit of love and stitching last night, this lovely design now looks like this:

"Mini Mandala II - C" - Chatelaine Designs
Status as at 19/1/15
I have included the photo from the chart pack which shows that I have a fair way to go yet!!

Tonight will be another WIP night and I also need to take a photo of my very colourful ORT's jar so that I can post my TUSAL update tomorrow.

Til then, if you want to have a look at any of my previous updates for the FB CrosstitchCrazy Event and Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015) the links are below:

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Til next time, Happy Stitching!
Hugs x


Thoeria said...

Just catching up on posts....you have been busy Noni!! Great progress :) Can you believe that January is about over??!!!

sharine said...

Beautiful stitching:)

butterfly said...

Well done on your wonderful stitching.

Linda said...

Nice progress on both pieces Noni.


Lesley said...

Good progress on your witch,I love her skirt.Pleased to see your Mandala again:-)

Marcy said...

Love your witch, she's so cute. Great progress for the weekend.

Bea said...

The witch is a great project - nice progress. That is quite a range of projects your doing for the challenge.

Catherine said...

Beautiful stitches!

cucki said...

beautiful stitching xxxx

Annette said...

and still stitching so much!!
Keep it up!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love your witch! You can post your progress pic for January's theme this year!