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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mitzi's Big Day Out... and a stitching update

Hello again!  Well, as the title suggests this post is about Mitzi's big day out... or rather her big morning out this morning!  I also have to give you an update for this month's TUSAL which I am a week late for... and I even have some stitching to show you.

So settle in, grab a cuppa and away we go!

Mitzi's Big Day Out

Today in Australia it is the RSPCA's Million Paw Walk.  This is the first time we have actually been... I know.. we are so bad....  but we decided that this year we would make an extra big effort and go and take Mitzi.  We always planned to go with Daisy but just never seemed to do it!

As you can imagine there were dogs everywhere!  All sorts of sizes, colours, breeds... friendly and some not so friendly.  Mitzi was so excited... I think also a little overwhelmed by everything at first... but she soon got that hang of it all and she had the happiest puppy tail wagging time!  And we didn't even do the official walk... we just walked around and looked at everything and "talked" to lots of lovely doggies.

Mitzi at the Million Paws Walk... and modelling her special Million Paws Walk Jacket
Such fun!  We had a lovely time and I got to indulge a wee bit by having a cuddle with a couple of Great Danes and hubby had a cuddle with some miniature dachshunds..  Mitzi had the best time by talking to all sorts of puppies!

I think that Mitzi has decided she has to go again next year... and maybe we will actually get to do the official walk!!

TUSAL 2013 - May ORT Report

May 2013 TUSAL
Bit of a boring photo this month.... think this is what I call a photo on the run!!  I couldn't think of anything to use for my photo so I decided that my cute little chicken would just have to do today!!

The ORT's this month are mostly from my mini Chatelaine and Puppy Love.  There is also a few from a couple of new pixie gifts that I stitched - an update on them in a later post.... sorry.... got to wait til they arrive in the various places they are going to.

Stitching Update

Ok... so what have I got to show you today!  My Chatelaine is finished... and Puppy Love has had a bit of kick and started moving on again... but I am not going to show them to you today... next post!

What I want to show you today is the Easter Exchange that I sent a couple of months ago to Russia as it has now finally arrived!  And I also have a pixie gift to show you which I sent at the same time.

MS Lover Blog - Easter Exchange

This year the first Exchange on the MS Lovers Blog was an Easter Exchange.  I posted in early April what I received from Judith... you can check out that post and see the lovely gift I received.

My Exchange gift needed to go all the way to Russia... and boy did it take a long time to get there - nearly 2 months!  But get there it did - in perfect time for Lentochka to celebrate Easter in Russia.  They celebrate a month later - can't say I planned the timing... but, wasn't it perfect in the end?!

So let me reveal what I stitched and sent.
MS Lovers Blog Easter Exchange sent to Lentochka
Design: "Easter Egg-stravaganza" - Margaret Sherry
Cross Stitcher, April 2011
The little bunny I stitched came from the Cross Stitcher magazine but it is also in the Margaret Sherry book as well.  I added some extra Easter Eggs to the design when I stitched it as I wanted to give it a Easter feel.  I backed the ornament with some really lovely Easter bunny fabric and also included some of the fabric in the package.

I also sent a pixie gift at the same time to one of the girls that missed out on a previous exchange.  That package went all the way to San Salvador.
Pixie Gift - MS Lover Blog
Design: "All Aboard the Walnut Shells" - Margaret Sherry
Cross Stitcher, July 2007
The cute little mouse is actually part of a larger design which one day I hope to stitch... but for this pixie gift one little mouse was perfect to make a hanging ornament.

This weekend is the IHSW... but I forgot to sign up!  Which is probably just as well as I haven't really had time to do much stitching so far this weekend!  Never mind... there is always next month!

I will pop back again in the next few days or so to give you an update on "Puppy Love" which I am stitching for the MS Lovers Blog SAL, and also to show you my finished Mini Chatelaine.

Til then, happy stitching