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Friday, March 22, 2013

March 2013 TUSAL

Hello, anyone there??
I wouldn't be at all surprised if you haven't all deserted me - its been 3 weeks since I blogged... sounds a bit like a confession, doesn't it?

Gosh where do I start... well I missed the new moon, IHSW and St Patrick's Day... but I am here at long last!

I know I say this all the time - but seriously I do not know where the days are going.  Time has a funny way of going at the same speed but seeming like it is going faster and faster every day and I just seem to be losing the race to catch it.

"Web image"
 ORT Report
I have added some pretty ORT's to the jar over the last month.  Mostly the ORT's are from the Easter Exchange stitching for the MS Lovers Blog... and as it's still on its way to its destination I can't show you what I stitched and sent... hopefully it won't take much longer to get there.

March 2013 TUSAL
No Leprechauns in the house for a St Patrick's Day inspired photo... this little reading elf was the closest I could find!!

The rest of the ORT's for this month have come from the first puppy in "Puppy Love".  This is such a cute design to stitch.  The puppy looks so much like our Mitzi except of course for the colour of the ears!

MS Lovers Blog SAL #4 - Puppy Love
March 2013 update
As you can see I haven't finished him yet.. poor puppy only has one ear!  But it won't be long before the second ear appears....

So that's it for this very meagre ORT report.... hopefully the next one will be on time and will have a bit more excitement about it!

As you may be already read and heard over the last week or so Google Reader is disappearing in the next couple of months.  For those of us that use Google Reader to manage the blogs we follow this is not good news.  While I use Byline on my iPad to actually read my blogs the feed comes from Google Reader at the moment... so it's time to try and find a new reader.  I have seen a number of blogs about different types of readers and I am now confused... but I have decided to try "Bloglovin" and see how we go with that one.

So after signing up and transferring my existing blog reading roll over to Bloglovin I am ready for action!  I have even put a little widget on my sidebar so that you can follow me on Bloglovin.

Next thing I need to work out is whether the feeds will still work on Byline. But that is a bridge to cross at another time!

Want to see some pretty things.... have a look at the beads and charms that I recently ordered from Beads Online.  I was hoping to use the Easter Bunny on my exchange piece but unfortunately the order didn't quite get here in time... never mind I'm sure I will find another excuse to use him!

Well, that's about it for this little update....  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, see you again soon!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Summer is done....

Yes, Summer is finally finished!  Both in stitching and weather....  although Summer in Australia is still hanging on and will do for another few weeks yet.  But at least the weather will hopefully start to cool down now.  Often though Summer wags it's little tail throughout March and only lets go after Easter!

You are so not going to believe this but, I have been very good lately and stitching away most nights on my MS Lovers Blog Easter Exchange and alternating with the MS Lovers SAL#3 Cool Cats "Summer".

While I can't show my Easter Exchange stitching until after it arrives at its final destination - Russia... I can at long last show you, my finished "Summer" Cool Cat.  And by showing you "Summer", I can now put a big green tick against the MS Lovers Blog SAL #3.  Happy dance!!

I finished the last of the back stitch on Cool Cat "Summer" the other night!  Wow, that was a tough one (all that white and cream) but he is now all done.

I have finally finished all three of the original MS Lovers Blog SAL's which means I can start SAL #4 with a clear conscience!  Well, almost a clear conscience as I haven't made them all up yet... but that part will happen soon.

MS Cool Cat Summer - SAL #3
And here they all are.... all stitched and waiting for some place to go!

Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL #3 Cool Cats
Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL #2 Christmas
Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL # 1 Culinary Cats
I can't wait to finally start the next MS Lovers Blog SAL - "Puppy Love"... this weekend is the beginning of a new stitching adventure.

Well that's it for this update from me. Til next time, happy stitching