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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crafting Mojo has returned!

Hello again!

Just a quick drop in post to say hello and to let you know that I am still on the planet Earth and breathing....
Most of you probably think I have dropped off the planet seeing as how I have been very quiet on the blogging front lately.. but no, I am still here!

As I have previously mentioned, not a lot of crafting has been done around here... but Friday I did manage to get hold of my little crafting mojo and hang on to it for a couple of hours and actually get some stuff done!

Firstly I made some more counting pins with some of the new beads I bought recently.  I tried out a different glue this time - Glossy Accents.  So will be interested to see if they hold as well the beading glue that I normally use.  I decided to use some red and green beads so that I can have some as Christmas gifts.

New beaded counting pins
I also managed to finished off my next kitty card for the Craftbubble birthday exchange.

Finished kitty card for CB Crazy for Kitties exchange
Last weekend was the IHSW and while I didn't manage to get a lot of stitching done I did actually get around to starting my card for the Margaret Sherry Yahoo group Christmas card exchange that I am taking part in.

Christmas Mouse
Designer - Margaret Sherry
I finished stitching this little mouse on Friday as well.  I now need to turn this into a card... which I will try and do this afternoon all things being equal!

I also have to start stitching my next Margaret Sherry design for the MS Lovers Blog Winter/Christmas ornament exchange.  Design is all picked out and threads are all ready to go... just need to start stitching!

Now before I go I will leave you with a picture of the most delightfully yummy blueberries that we picked this morning!  We have been having fresh blueberries for the last couple of weeks but this is the biggest haul we have had so far... yummy!

Fresh blueberries from the garden :o)
Well, that's it for now from me!  I must go and do some crafting and get my next card finished so that it can go in the mail this week.

So it is bye bye from me, and bye bye from Mitzi.

Til next time, happy stitching

Monday, October 15, 2012

Totally Useless SAL - New Moon 15 October 2012 Update

Oh my goodness... here we go again!  Another ORT report and another month has by without a post from me....  No excuses just one little itty bitty reason -


Nothing much seems to get done around here since a certain puppy arrived... no stitching or crafting, no blogging, no housework!  But we wouldn't be without her.  She is an absolute delight.  Slowly but surely she is growing and every day a little bit more of her brain is delivered.  For the most part she has got the toilet training right although every now and then we have a wee accident indoors...  Oscar is Mitzi's new best friend, but Felix is a lot more reserved and is still not quite there yet.

Now down to what this post should be about... the ORT report!

ORT's, Dragon and Pumpkin
Seeing as how it is October and the other half of the world is going into Autumn and is pumpkin mad, I thought I would take this month's photo with the last of our pumpkin crop from earlier in the year.  Our new crop of pumpkins are just starting to put their little heads out of the ground so hopefully we will have another great crop this season.

The ORT's jar is filling up slowly.  I have almost finished my Margaret Sherry Cool Cat #3 (Spring) but have had to put him away for a couple of weeks as I need to get some stitching done on a couple of cards and an exchange piece.

While there hasn't been a lot added this last month to the ORT jar, I did manage to finish the stitching of my kitty card last night.
Colourful cat designed by Jane Henderson
Cross Stitcher magazine, April 2007
Well dear readers, that's it for another ORT report.  See you all again same time next month... Pop on over to Daffycat's blog if you are interested keeping in touch with what is going on with the 2012 TUSAL.

Now before I wander off to bed.... struggling to stay awake after being woken up at 4am yet again this morning by a beautiful puppy....

On Friday I went to a "Meet the Author" event to meet one of my favourite authors - Monica McInerney.
Me and Monica McInerney (R) after she signed my book
Monica is currently back in Australia doing a tour promoting her latest book "House of Memories".  She is a lovely lady and it was wonderful to hear her talk about how her writing and also how she got the idea for this book.  I am always fascinated by people that can write wonderful stories... how amazing it must be to have a idea that grows and evolves into a story that people like you and me then sit down and read and have hours of enjoyment while lost in a book.  The "House of Memories" was a wonderful story... I started it on Wednesday before going to the event and finished it Friday night.  I just couldn't put it down on Friday... if you haven't read it yet... try and get a hold of the book - it is such a wonderful read - happy, sad and every emotion in between.  Can't wait til Monica's next book comes out... which will be a couple of years away though.

Til the next new moon on 13 November 2012, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

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