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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crafting Mojo has returned!

Hello again!

Just a quick drop in post to say hello and to let you know that I am still on the planet Earth and breathing....
Most of you probably think I have dropped off the planet seeing as how I have been very quiet on the blogging front lately.. but no, I am still here!

As I have previously mentioned, not a lot of crafting has been done around here... but Friday I did manage to get hold of my little crafting mojo and hang on to it for a couple of hours and actually get some stuff done!

Firstly I made some more counting pins with some of the new beads I bought recently.  I tried out a different glue this time - Glossy Accents.  So will be interested to see if they hold as well the beading glue that I normally use.  I decided to use some red and green beads so that I can have some as Christmas gifts.

New beaded counting pins
I also managed to finished off my next kitty card for the Craftbubble birthday exchange.

Finished kitty card for CB Crazy for Kitties exchange
Last weekend was the IHSW and while I didn't manage to get a lot of stitching done I did actually get around to starting my card for the Margaret Sherry Yahoo group Christmas card exchange that I am taking part in.

Christmas Mouse
Designer - Margaret Sherry
I finished stitching this little mouse on Friday as well.  I now need to turn this into a card... which I will try and do this afternoon all things being equal!

I also have to start stitching my next Margaret Sherry design for the MS Lovers Blog Winter/Christmas ornament exchange.  Design is all picked out and threads are all ready to go... just need to start stitching!

Now before I go I will leave you with a picture of the most delightfully yummy blueberries that we picked this morning!  We have been having fresh blueberries for the last couple of weeks but this is the biggest haul we have had so far... yummy!

Fresh blueberries from the garden :o)
Well, that's it for now from me!  I must go and do some crafting and get my next card finished so that it can go in the mail this week.

So it is bye bye from me, and bye bye from Mitzi.

Til next time, happy stitching


sharine said...

The mouse is very cute but Mitzi is still the cutest:)

cucki said...

aww the mouse is so cute..beautiful stitching..
i love blue berries so much..
cute mitzi..
hugs cucki xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Cute mouse and those blueberries look really yummy!

Kathy A. said...

Your pins are so very pretty. Love the little mouse pincushion. There is a glue called Gorilla Glue that I understand works really well for pins.

Anne said...

I hear you about being quiet on the blogging front...just not enough time in the day1! Love your new counting pins and cute card that you made!! Ooh that Mitzi is too cute! I see she likes someone's slipper!

Mouse said...

ouchie ouchie no wonder have been sore all day with those pins stuck in me ...lol .... have used glossy accents on beads and so far so good :)
love the wee mouse and the stocking and your wee furbaby is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxx

Valma said...

Mitzi prepared her boot for Santa Claus ?? =D
She is so cute
And your mouse, I loooooove of course, can't wait to see the card you'll do
If I had blueberries in my garden it would be frozen blueberries =)
it's so good to hear from you
take care and come when you can
big hugs

Catherine said...

Glad to see your mojo found you! Love those pins!
Aawwww....sweet Mitzi....

LastingAllure said...

I have been wondering where you went lol! Glad you found your mojo again and I LOVE the mouse, he is just adorable :)

♥ Nia said...

Nice to be back to your blog! :D Don't go away for too long please!! :) heheheh
Those pins look so pretty!! Great work :D
And that card is adorable and so beautiful! Really pretty with all the details :)
I think I don't need to say how much cute that little mice is =) heheh I've stitched all three lasy year :D
Hugs&smiles to you!!!

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Noni !
Thank You for visiting my blog again !

The Christmas coloured Red,White and Green pins are all so pretty as well the M S patterns you have stitched.
The colourfull card is sweet too !! :)

Mitzi looks so cute wnem she sleeps!
How dos the cats and Mitzi live together .. are they already friends !?

Francesca Violetta said...

first of all: Mitzi, what is she doing with the shoe?? She's so sweet and pretty!!
Then: pins are beautiful! The little Xmas mouse is so cute, I stitched it last year and sewed it on a small bag. And blueberries: I love them, and yours are big!
have a great sunday!