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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oops, I've done it again!!

How on earth did this happen? Last month I missed two very important blogging dates in my calendar... And this month I did exactly the same thing. I am beginning to see a pattern emerging - a pattern that I don't like!!

Yes, I did it again!! Completely forgot to visit Joyce's blog and sign up for IHSW. I didn't get much stitching in any way last weekend as we were out most of Saturday at the 3 in 1 Antiques, Vintage, Craft fair, and Sunday was spent playing catchup with the washing and general weekend stuff. I think in the end I managed about 2 hours of stitching all up!!

Now if you are a bit more organised than me and you want to sign up next month for the IHSW, or if you want to go a visit some other great blogs and see what others have been stitching over the IHSW, pop over to Joyce's blog and say hello.

You have probably also realised by now that I have also forgotten to show you my ORT's for August.  I think I used the cute kitchen chicken last year for a TUSAL pic.... just goes to show how boring my pics are!!
August 2013 TUSAL
If you are interested in keeping in touch with what is going on with the 2013 TUSAL pop on over to Daffycat's blog and join in the fun. The next new moon is on 5 September so let's see how many more ORT's drop into the jar between now and then. And fingers crossed I will be on time for a change!

And another thing you have probably also noticed I have been very slack over the last month and not showed you any stitching pics!  Stitching this month has been all about my latest Chatelaine and nothing else! 

I started this one after finishing the sheep for the last Margaret Sherry exchange but I haven't been taking any WIP photos.  So here you go!

Chatelaine - Mini Mandala "B"
All the cross stitches are done and now I am starting on the metallic, not that you can see them in the photo. This lovely mandala is going to now go away for a couple of weeks while I start sorting out the next exchange piece for the MS Lovers Blog Halloween Exchange.

So that's it for a quick on the fly post... I really must try and get myself organised again so that I can get back to normal blogging - both writing and reading.  I am so far behind on my blog reading as well, and my emails... so I must apologise for not being up on everyone's news and for not responding to all your emails! Things have been very topsy turvy around here lately but we are starting to get ourselves back on track again.

Til next time, happy stitching everyone, see you again soon!

New Moons - 2013
5 September
5 October
3 November
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