I don't have fireflies in my garden - which is a shame... only cats, bees, a dog and the odd dragonfly!! So please settle down with a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year 2012

Hello!  Just a very quick post today just so I can say that I managed to do a post on the 29th February 2012! 

It's a Leap Year!  Having one extra day in the year doesn't really mean that I have one whole extra day to stitch, but I would like to think so!  Unfortunately work does tend to get in the way of my stitching and blogging!

And does this mean that 2012 will not go as quick as last year?  Nope, don't think that's going to be case at all do you!!

Apparently one of the traditions of a Leap Year is that us girlies can ask our men folk to marry us.  Well seeing as Hubby and I are already married I can't do that - but if we weren't already married I would most certainly be waiting for him when he comes home from work with a bottle of the sparkling French stuff and popping the question!

I managed to do a little bit more stitching this week on my Autumn MS Lovers Blog kitty and now there is some lovely orange and browny coloured leaves to see.  Unfortunately an hour a day is not getting me very far with him, but every stitch is another stitch towards the end! 

But we do have a long weekend this weekend which for me means 4 days off... as I don't work on Friday's.  Can't wait!  So fingers crossed there will be a lot more to show you next week.
MS Lover's Blog SAL #3
Cool Cats (Autumn) - designed by Margaret Sherry
So my dear readers, that is it for today.  Hubby will be walking through the door any minute now after a long day at work and he will be wanting a nice hot cup of tea!  No sparkling French stuff tonight - maybe on the weekend as a nice treat!

See you all again soon!  Til next time, happy stitching

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Giveaways Wins!

Hello again!  What's this I hear you say, 2 posts in as many days!  (Well, truth be known it is really 2 posts in 1 day... I have just cheated and used the post options to schedule this post to pop up in your readers at 9am Saturday morning!  I do so love that feature :o)

Ok dear readers, so what's this title about - more Giveaway Wins for me!  Yep, that's right this lucky little doer has won not one but two giveaways this week!!

Firstly, I had an email from Nancy at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Nancy has had a number of giveaways running which I have been entering in an attempt to win some of her gorgeous hand-dyed threads, kits, etc.  Well, guess what - I won!!  So what did I win - I won part of Nancy's Valentine's Day giveaway - 10 skeins of lovely hand-dyed floss.  Ooh, I so can't wait to see this turn up in the post box.  I will have to put my thinking cap on and try and find the perfect projects to stitch with these special threads.  Thank you Nancy.

So after doing a happy dance about the lovely floss from Nancy, I then had an email from Mary Joan at Mary Joan Stitching.  Mary Joan had a giveaway to celebrate her 4th Blogoversary.  The giveaway was a selection of 7 lovely charts/booklets from her stash.  And yes!  I won this one too....  Oh my goodness, double happy dance!  There are some lovely Christmas charts in the stash additions she is sending which I can't wait to get my hands on!  Thank you so much Mary Joan.

How excited am I this week - two giveaway wins and two delightful packages on their way to my little post box.  February has been a good month :o)

I have been thinking about a giveaway myself but so far I haven't come up with a cunning plan.... but in the stew and fog that is supposed to be my brain an egg of a plan is beginning to hatch!  So as they say in all the good editorials - watch this space.  I just can't guarantee how long you will have to watch for?!?!!?

Now speaking of giveaways, I have been updating my sidebar with giveaways as I see them, but I am a bit behind with my blog maintenance this month so I think I have missed one or two... sorry.  But hopefully I can get back to regular maintenance plan soon!  I know that there are some great giveaways out there at the moment - Nancy at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has regular giveaways and currently has a couple of different ones going on as we speak.

Remember I mentioned that Kaye from Kitten Stitching did a post where she asked everyone what she was dressed up like and I had guessed correctly that she looked like a Gondolier.  Well, the little gift arrived from Kay this week.  She sent me a lovely Laura Ashley shopping bag, a Lizzie Kate chart, and 2 momento's from her trip to Hawaii.  So sweet - thank you so much Kay.  I will enjoy using them all and think of you often :o)

Lovely gift from Kay (Kitten Stitching)
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hubby and I recently treated ourselves to an iPhone.  It was a toss up between an iPhone or an iPad and as I wanted one too.... it ended up being 2 iPhones!!  Which now means that I have the means to read blogs on my way to and from work.  Which I have been doing through this wonderful app called "Byline'.  I found out about this app from another blog and it is so good.....  Now the reason I mention this is because on a couple of blogs there was mention of a competition to show photos of funny places that your pets have been found sleeping.  For the life of me though I can't remember who's blog I read it on... so I will do some research over the weekend and find out and then update this post...

But... while at the moment I don't have a photo to hand of some strange places I have found the cats asleep - like Oscar curled up in the bathroom sink in the middle of the night! - I do have a couple of photos that I took of Felix on Friday.  I had the feather duster out as I was doing some dusting - now please don't fall off your chairs - yes I did do some dusting!  Housework and I don't agree with each other but occasionally we do have to live and work together!!

I had finished wrapping the duster around the venetian blinds a few times and came into the kitchen to make a much needed cup of tea and left the duster on the kitchen bench.  Next time I saw it, the duster was on the floor with the tea towel and Felix was playing with it..... and subsequently sneezing!

I so need to brush my cat!
I have no idea what he thought the duster was but it was fun watching him for the 10 mins or so that he played with it.  But after that the dust got too much for him and he ignored the duster while he sneezed and sneezed and kept on sneezing!  Poor thing - last time he cuddles a feather duster!

Well that's it for another post!  Hopefully March will be a month of more regular posts and blog maintenance and lots more stitching!

Til next time, happy stitching

Friday, February 24, 2012

Totally Useless SAL - New Moon 21 February 2012

Oh my goodness I am so terribly late reporting on my TUSAL and my dismal effort on the ISHW.  Better late than never I guess!

Ok where do I start?  IHSW was last weekend.  I did get some stitching done on Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours, but Saturday was a complete washout.  We ended up being out all day and on Saturday night I was just too tired to hold the needle - but I did prepare everything for my new start!  So all wasn't lost on Saturday!

Bonus effort on the weekend though as I did manage to finish a kitty card on Friday night and Sunday I started my first Cool Cat for the MS Blog Lovers SAL #3.

Kitty card is another one from the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine issue 137 May 2010.  There are four kitties designed by Lesley Teare in the set.  So far I have stitched 2 and I may stitch the other 2 yet.   I do have some other kitty designs in the stitching basket for the Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange to choose from, so we shall just have to wait and see what comes up next for stitching!

Kitty Card for Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange
Designed by Lesley Teare, Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 137, May 2010
Once I make this up into a card I will show you the final result.... the card design is still brewing in the stew of my brain.

Now for my new start.  The MS Lovers Blog is having another great SAL. This one is stitching 4 seasonal cats - "Cool Cats" designed by Margaret Sherry.  The original designs appeared in the UK Cross Stitcher magazine Issue 194, and were also reprinted in the Margaret Sherry bookazine published by the Cross Stitcher magazine publishers.

I have decided to start with "Autumn" given that we are slowly leaving summer behind and waiting for the leaves to turn to the glorious oranges and browns of Autumn.  I will finish my four designs as little pillows using a seasonal fabric to back them.  Well that's the plan anyway!!!

MS Lover's Blog SAL #3
Cool Cats (Autumn) - designed by Margaret Sherry
I started this kitty on Sunday afternoon and have managed to stitch a little more during the week... but not much!  At the moment it is all the cream and white colours of his tummy but very soon there will be some black and grey to come.

If you want to have a squizz at what everyone was up to last weekend, go over to Joyze's post listing all the February sign ups and have a look at the 159 stitcher's blogs!  So far I haven't got very far down the list, but there is a whole weekend to go visiting (actually there's not as we are out all day again tomorrow - but there is still Sunday!)

Now the other reason for today's post is the very late ORT's report.  Don't ask me why but for some reason I thought the New Moon was today - 24th Feb - but of course it was 3 days ago....  I should have realised given how dark the nights have been! ;o)

ORT's jar this month is guarded by the dragon again as it is the Chinese Year of the Dragon!  Also this month the ORT's are posed with the wonderful Oscar Pants, the Stitching Cat!  Now when I was thinking about this photo today (admittedly in a hurried panic) I thought "oh my goodness Valentine's Day what can I use"... but nothing came to mind.... but what did jump out at me eventually was today is the first official game of this year's Super 15 Rugby series for our very own Western Force!  So what better prop for my February TUSAL than my Western Force scarf!  Unfortunately our boys lost by 2 points...... never mind.  There is always the next game!

TUSAL February 2012
Dragon, Oscar and the Western Force
As you can see the ORT's have multiplied since last month - thank goodness!  Still only a small start to the year but at least some stitching has been done.

Hopefully this weekend will see a little bit more stitching on the "Autumn" kitty and some black and grey ORT's will go on top of the cream and white ones that are so prevelant at the moment.

Pop on over to Daffycat's blog if you are interested in signing up for the 2012 TUSAL.

Til the next new moon on 22 March 2012, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The end of another weekend....

I think I have asked this question before and I will most likely be asking it again... where has the weekend gone?

It is Sunday night and it is almost bedtime.... Hubby is watching Harry Potter and I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading - I was doing quite well until blogger decided to stop letting me comment on blogs.  So I must apologise to those of you that I have visited and caught up on the news but haven't left a comment on.

We have had a reasonably quiet weekend, although yesterday was busy as we went to visit some friends and then had to do the food shopping and then Saturday was over....  Today has been a very quiet day - not much happening once the ironing was done; which is good as we were both quite knackered after a busy week at work. 

Friday was my day off and boy did I need it!  I had a doctor's appointment and then later on in the morning had a hairdresser's appointment, and I also checked the mail at the post box as I generally do on a Friday.  Now why do I mention the mail do you ask... well this is why...

During December Nia from Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim had a "12 days of Christmas" post-a-thon where she posted about different things over 12 days and each day added a small gift to a stocking.  At the end of the Christmas postings she then picked the winners.  Nia had asked everyone to comment on a post about what they would like to win and I mentioned that I would like to win the little snow globe...  I didn't win at the time but Valerie from Fee le point did win the stocking.  She had mentiooned in your comment to Nia that if she won the stocking she would send me the snow globe... and that is what appeared in the mail.   All unknown to me as I hadn't actually seen Valerie's comment!

And here is my lovely new snow globe in all it's wonderful glory... and a cute little penguin card :o)

What a lovely surprise - this really made my day.  Thank you Valerie for your special gift and thank you Valerie and Nia for your generosity and friendship.

Last weekend I finally managed to finish the two cards that I was stitching for the February birthdays in the Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" birthday exchange.  They both hit the mail cart on Monday and hopefully will arrive in the UK in the next day or so.

Kitty card for Evaline
Kitty card for Julie
Now before I wander off to bed, as it is now almost my bedtime, there is just one more little mention I must make...

Kaye from Kitten Stitching did a post the other day about a conference that she want to in Sanctuary Cove, and for the Gala Dinner, which was fancy dress (British Muscians/Musicals), Kaye was dressed up as someone from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.... well I thought she looked like a Gondolier and said as much in my comment.  I guessed right!  Yippee... little happy dance happening here in my little part of the world!

Well that's it from me for now!  It is now well past my bedtime... Harry Potter is just finishing - "He who must not be named" has the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's grave..... have to wait for the next instalment to see if Harry saves the day!

Night night, sleep tight, see you all again real soon!

Until next time, happy stitching