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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween
web image

Yep, today is Halloween.... and while we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia as much as other countries it has certainly started to gain some popularity recently.... and I am more than happy to jump on the bandwagon!!

Today's post is two-fold - firstly I will show you my Friday Frolics stitching from last night and then it's onto my Halloween bit....

As you would have read on previous posts, Friday Night is all about frolicing around with our WIP's and then posting what we have stitched on the "Friday Frolics" blog which is hosted by Kaye (Kitten Stitching).

Last night I stitched on my Margaret Sherry Christmas Mouse.... Mouse number 3!  Yes, you're right that means number 2 is finished :o) (will show you a pic shortly of the finished mouse #2)

So when I started stitching on Mouse #3 last night he looked like this:

Before Friday night's stitching
and after some stitching last night he now looks like this:
After Friday night's stitching
I am now on the backstitching of this design so fingers crossed I will get it finished sometime today (or early tomorrow morning while watching the Wallabies game!!)

As I mentioned earlier I finished Christmas Mouse #2 this week,

MS Christmas Mouse #2 - Designer Margaret Sherry
Isn't it amazing what you can achieve when you focus on one thing at a time!

My Meerkats all dressed up in their Halloween Finery!!

Now who's ready for a Halloween Blog Hop?  Yep, you got it right - it's time for Serendipitous Jo's Annual Halloween Blog Hop......

Each year Jo asks all the participants to show a picture of something Halloween related that they have stitched and she also sends us a Letter for a the mystery phrase - so now you need to write down my letter.... and then click on the link below to go to the next blog on the hop.  If you get lost head back to Jo's blog and she will have all the blogs playing along listed in order so you can make sure that you are on the right track!

 Now for the reveal... my letter is:
(web image)
Rather appropriate for someone who's name starts with an "L", don't you think?

I love Halloween stitching because it generally incorporates my two favourite colours - orange and purple together!!  Over the last couple of years I have stitched one or two pieces for the Halloween SAL Blog and while I have a couple of favourites I have to show you my absolute favourite Halloween stitch so far....

Margaret Sherry Halloween Kitty
I stitched this kitty a couple of years ago for an exchange... it is a Margaret Sherry design (no surprise there!) and I added the bat border before making it into a pillow backed by the halloween fabric that you can almost see in the background of the photo.  Original post about the exchange is linked here

So, now that you have finished with my part of the Halloween Blog Hop it's time for you to fly over to the next blog on the hop.... say hi to Lenore at Needle, Pen and Sword for me....

Well that's it from me for today....

Hope you have a great Halloween, stay safe and happy stitching
Hugs xx

Go the Wallabies!!! Good luck boys in your campaign to bring home the Webb Ellis Cup

Monday, October 26, 2015

Angelic Weekend Stitching

Well hello to another Monday!

I have a little bit of stitching to show today... and both pieces are almost finished!

So first up we have my Friday night stitching which I will also post over on the "Friday Frolics" blog shortly.

This time around I didn't stitch on an old WIP.... I decided to stitch on my October piece for the Christmas Ornie SAL as this month is rapidly drawing to a close and I haven't done my angel or nativity piece yet.

I actually started this new design on Thursday evening, so when Friday came around the Angel looked like this:
Before FF stitching
After stitching on Friday night, the Angel looked like this:

After FF stitching
and seeing as I need to finish her by the end of the week, I continued stitching on Saturday and Sunday on her as well... she now looks like this:

as at Sunday 25 Oct 2015
I know she looks a bit weird at the moment..... I have to find (order) the colour for her hair and locate some more of the colour of the shading around her wings, so I stitched what I could and then started backstitching the lower section.  I am not stitching the bottom of the dress as I need to keep this as a small design (further details on why later...).  You will probably notice that I changed the word "Joy" and stitched it in gold Kreinik.  I have also embellished her sleeve and head dress with green Kreinik just to bling it up a bit!!

For those of you that might like to know where this design came from.... she can be found in a very old Cross Stitch Christmas magazine (1999) - design is called "Joyful Angels Triptych" and is designed by Mona Eno.  I am stitching her on a piece of "Waratah" 32 count fabric from Stitches and Spice.

Once I had gone as far as I could on my Angel yesterday, I decided to pull out my little MS Xmas mouse again and pop a couple more stitches in him.

The last time I showed you the MS Xmas mouse #2 he looked like this:

now he looks like this - main stitching is now finished and backstitch has begun:

That's it for another weekend stitching round up.  See you all again soon!

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx

Monday, October 19, 2015

FF, FNSI & IHSW Round Up

It's Monday.... and time for a weekend stitching round up post!

First up is Friday Frolics.... nothing to report as nothing was stitched on Friday :o(  Epic fail....   We were out on Friday night and by the time we got home it was a bit too late to even think about threading a needle for a few stitches....

And of course you know what that means don't you??  Double epic fail!

Friday night was also FNSI and while I did sign up for this and I was hoping to be home in time to stitch with everyone... it just didn't happen! :o( :o(

But I am an optimist and I also look for that silver lining.... last weekend was also IHSW and I did manage to stitch most of the weekend!!  Having a cold, damp Spring Sunday helped immensely!

Joyce didn't post a sign up page last week.... but I didn't let that deter me.... want to see what I stitched on Saturday and Sunday?

Saturday saw me rummage around in the Stitching Box and come up with "Halloween Sneak Peek" by The Trilogy, which was good timing as I needed to stitch and post my "ghost" on the Halloween Ornie SAL Blog before the end of the month.... indeed before Halloween which falls at the end of the month!!!

I am really pleased with my weekend stitching progress... because not only did I start and finish the Ghost square... but I also started and nearly finished the Jack (pumpkin) square!  (If the Argentina/Ireland Rugby game had gone another half hour I would have probably finished that one as well!!!)

So first up... here is the "Ghost" square

"Halloween Sneak Peek" designed by The Trilogy
After a weekend of stitching on the Ghost and the Jack, the whole piece now looks like this:

"Halloween Sneak Peek" designed by The Trilogy
as at Oct 2015
Not bad progress for Saturday and Sunday, even if I do say so myself!!  I have only one more square (the witch) to stitch on this one and then back onto the border.....  Before I post my Ghost on the Halloween blog I need to do some Halloween decorating... have no idea what I am going to do but I think a trip to Spotlight is called for, or maybe I should just take a photo of the cobwebs and big black spiders that we have hanging around on the back patio and use them as my decorating!!!

I am going to put this one away now so that I can start on my Christmas Ornie SAL Blog piece for October.  Hopefully I will have something to show you all next week....

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs, xx

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2015 - Update #10

Yeah.... I did it! I am on time for my October GG post!

For this month's GG post I decided to devote some stitching time and love to one of my longer neglected pieces....

Moutons de Saisons "Printemps et ete" - Collection Tralala
Gift from Kaye from Kitten Stitching.  The original post of when Kaye gave me these charts is here.

Tralala Collection - Mouton de Saisons
Moutons de Saisons "printemps"
The last time you saw, and I stitched on "printemps" was back in July .... I left my sweet little sheep and his/her rabbit friend looking like this:

Are you ready for the latest reveal of "primtemps"?  Prepare to be almost amazed...

I am so pleased with my progress on this one....  sitting on my backside all weekend and every evening after tea is starting to pay off in stitching progress!  I am almost finished the main part of the design, and then I will be onto the bottom part and the border, and who knows we may even have a finish before the end of the year!

Tonight I will do a bit more on this one, but then alas he will have to go back into the stitching basket as the month is half way through I haven't even started my Halloween Ghost or Christmas Angel/Nativity...

That is unfortunately all I have to show for this GG post.... see you next month!  Don't forget to visit Jo's blog for the link ups to see what everyone else worked on this month!

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx 

If you're not sure what this particular SAL is all about.... Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts this SAL - the link to my post late last year about the SAL is here.... but essentially this SAL is about stitching charts/kits or using fabrics & threads that we have received as gifts, won in giveaways or anything that is intended be a gift or giveaway prize... or anything else that you can loosely use the word "gift" for!!  If you wish to sign up for this SAL, click on the button below or the button on my sidebar and you will be re-directed to Jo's blog.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TUSAL October 2015

Here we go for a very quick flyby post.... I have been trying to find time for the last 2 days to get this post written and ticked off the To-Do List all to no avail until now!  I am waiting for a visitor to come and see the boss, so thought while I am waiting I would sneak the opportunity and post!!

Just a photo of the little monthly ORT's this time (I forgot to get the suitcase out on Monday night when I took the photo!)

TUSAL Oct 2015
As it's October, and nearly Halloween, I added some cobwebs to the pic.... and you may also notice the Tardis hanging around as well - that's because Dr Who is back on the TeeVee... and also because my little ORT's tin is bigger on the inside!!

Visitor still hasn't arrived.... but that's good as I got my post done and dusted... and now I can pack up and be ready to go home as soon as the visitor is settled in - yee hah!! :o)

So that's it for my super dupper quick TUSAL update!  Shame I don't have a time machine in real life as I could go back to yesterday and pretend I posted on time!!

Til next time, happy stitching...
Hugs xx

If you don't know (or haven't heard) about the 2015 TUSAL, Daffycat is again hosting the fun Totally Useless SAL (TUSAL).  Essentially we stitch and save our ORT's (Old Raggety Threads) and every New Moon those of us participating in the TUSAL post a picture of our ORT's jar, and then leave little msgs for Daffycat on her blog to show that we have been stitching and have posted our wonderful pics.  Please head over to her sign up page and join in the fun!

New Moons - 2015
11th November
11th December

Monday, October 12, 2015

Stitching Cats and Mice!!

Happy Monday.... :o)

I have a bit of a stitching update for you today and even a very small finish!

On my last blog post I gave you an update on my "ABC Chats" afghan - which is very slowly moving along!

Kitty "B" looked like this last weekend:

"ABC Chats - Kitty B" as at 3 Oct 2015
Kitty "B" now looks like this:

"ABC Chats - Kitty B" as at 8 Oct 2015
Almost done....little bit of backstitch left on the kitty and just some filling in of the bow when I get around to ordering the missing thread.  I need to now find the time to start on "C" before the end of the month.....

Now onto my Friday Frolics stitching!  Link to my FF post is here.... but in a nutshell, I decided to stitch on a small on Friday night as I was feeling completely cream crackered after a very looonnngg week at work and I didn't want to stitch on something that I needed to think about (and stuff up) and then frog it all out next time I picked it up!!!

I picked up this cute little Christmas mouse and very nearly finished him on Friday...

Before I started stitching on Friday night....

and after a couple of Friday night wines he looked like this:

and then on Saturday afternoon I finished off the last of the backstitching:

Christmas Mouse (1) finished Oct 2015
Designer: Margaret Sherry
One more WIP ticked off that very long Crazy January start list..... :o)

While I had the trio of Christmas Mice out over the weekend I decided to stitch a bit more on another one on Saturday as well.  The last time you saw Christmas Mouse #2 was way back in January when I first started stitching on him....

He now looks like this.....

He is almost done now.....
Amazing what you can achieve when you sit up til 2am Sunday morning watching the Rugby World Cup!!! (Amazing game by the Wallabies to beat Wales.....)

I will save my Sunday stitching til later in the week as I picked up one of my GG pieces so that I would have something to show on Thursday!! :o)

So that's it for today's update.  Quite a productive week and weekend overall!  (Although some people would probably say that I have been very lazy stitching all weekend!)

Have a great week!  I will try and post tomorrow for my TUSAL update and then I will be back again on Thursday for GG, and then before we know it, it will be time for FNSI and IHSW at the end of the week!  The month of October is just flying by...

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs xx

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Alphabet Club - Detention for Letter "C"

"They only met online, but it changed their lives forever"
Today is the first Saturday in October.... 
which means today is posting day for
"The Alphabet Club" (TAC)

Hello Cobber!  Are you ready to get cracking on the letter "C"?  Here's some words that may or may not be unique to us Aussies, but we certainly use them quite a bit in our every day conversation!

Cactus: useless, broken
Cackle Berries: a chicken egg. (ie "Mum, I'd like two cackle berries for brekkie, please.")
Chuck a wobbly: go berserk
Chuck a sickie: take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy
Clicks: kilometres (ie 10 clicks / 10 kms)
Cobber: a mate or a friend
Come a cropper: to fall heavily
Cot case: a drunk or exhausted person only fit for bed
Cracking: excellent / get cracking - start something
Crow Eater: a fun name for a person from South Australia (that's me, sort of... I was born a Crow Eater... later on in the series of letters I will tell you what I am now!)

And if that wasn't enough for you, how about some of these pretty unique sayings:

Couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag
Couldn't peel skin off a custard (I love this one.... most of the time it gets applied to someone's car when it doesn't really have a lot of power and gets left behind at the traffic lights!)

So now I have to talk about Aussie food.... and sorry but there really is only one food that is worth mentioning on an Aussie "C" Day and that is the Chiko Roll!!

Web image
This Australian food icon was inspired by Chinese spring rolls.  The deep-fried snack contains beef (despite its name, there’s no chicken), celery, cabbage, barley, carrot, onion, green beans and spices (and probably things we don't want to know about!!) in a battered tube.  Chiko rolls are generally eaten on the go and served at local fish 'n' chip shops or by snack vendors at train stations.  Besides the meat pie or sausage roll they are probably an Aussie's favourite footy food!!

I love Chiko Rolls...... but then again I am a child of the late 60's and 70's!!

Ok... so that's the Aussie part of the post over and done with...

So how about an update on my chosen piece that I am stitching for this monthly blog post... "ABC Chats" from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

I was hoping to have finished "B" before posting... but that didn't happen!  I have managed to stitch on "B" for the last couple of nights including last night (which was a Friday Frolics night)...

So the last time I showed you "B" it looked like this:

and now after last night it looks like this:

Kitty is now beginning to finally take shape...  I am going to keep stitching on this now for the weekend as I would like to get started on "C" before my next TAC post!!!

Well, that's it for today's Detention post... If you would like to join in the fun of "The Alphabet Club", pop over to Chiara's blog (The Grey Tail) to see what all the fun is about and link up your for post for the Letter "C".

See you next month when it will be Detention for the Letter "D".

Cheerio from me....
Hugs xx