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Monday, October 12, 2015

Stitching Cats and Mice!!

Happy Monday.... :o)

I have a bit of a stitching update for you today and even a very small finish!

On my last blog post I gave you an update on my "ABC Chats" afghan - which is very slowly moving along!

Kitty "B" looked like this last weekend:

"ABC Chats - Kitty B" as at 3 Oct 2015
Kitty "B" now looks like this:

"ABC Chats - Kitty B" as at 8 Oct 2015
Almost done....little bit of backstitch left on the kitty and just some filling in of the bow when I get around to ordering the missing thread.  I need to now find the time to start on "C" before the end of the month.....

Now onto my Friday Frolics stitching!  Link to my FF post is here.... but in a nutshell, I decided to stitch on a small on Friday night as I was feeling completely cream crackered after a very looonnngg week at work and I didn't want to stitch on something that I needed to think about (and stuff up) and then frog it all out next time I picked it up!!!

I picked up this cute little Christmas mouse and very nearly finished him on Friday...

Before I started stitching on Friday night....

and after a couple of Friday night wines he looked like this:

and then on Saturday afternoon I finished off the last of the backstitching:

Christmas Mouse (1) finished Oct 2015
Designer: Margaret Sherry
One more WIP ticked off that very long Crazy January start list..... :o)

While I had the trio of Christmas Mice out over the weekend I decided to stitch a bit more on another one on Saturday as well.  The last time you saw Christmas Mouse #2 was way back in January when I first started stitching on him....

He now looks like this.....

He is almost done now.....
Amazing what you can achieve when you sit up til 2am Sunday morning watching the Rugby World Cup!!! (Amazing game by the Wallabies to beat Wales.....)

I will save my Sunday stitching til later in the week as I picked up one of my GG pieces so that I would have something to show on Thursday!! :o)

So that's it for today's update.  Quite a productive week and weekend overall!  (Although some people would probably say that I have been very lazy stitching all weekend!)

Have a great week!  I will try and post tomorrow for my TUSAL update and then I will be back again on Thursday for GG, and then before we know it, it will be time for FNSI and IHSW at the end of the week!  The month of October is just flying by...

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs xx


  1. Well done on all your stitching and congrats on a CJC finish! Those Christmas mice are so cute! :)

  2. Lovely stitching I love the cats design and little mouse.
    We watched the rugby wonderful great game , hugs.

  3. I love your little mice:) congratulations on your finish.

  4. Lovely, especially the sweet mice:-), very cute.

  5. Everything wonderfully cute embroidery you show us . The letter from the Cat ABC are so cute and then the Christmas Mouse , even sweeter . I like them all .
    I wish you a nice week
    Greetings Sandra

  6. A post filled with adorableness!

  7. Hi Leonie, wow your needle has been busy! Those mice are just so cute, lovely to see them progress after your January starting marathon

  8. Congrats on the adorable finish Noni. Nice progress on the other cute mouse.


  9. Such adorable designs and very nice progress on all of them. Looks like a great weekend to me.

  10. wooooo hooooo to the wee micies ... they look gorgeous :) love mouse xxxx

  11. Great stitching Noni! Those mice are so cute :)

  12. Got to love those tiny mice, they are soooo cute!!!

  13. Kitty looks great and the MS mice are super adorable!

  14. Such a cute mouse finish and I love the next little mousie with the purple christmas ball ornie. Your "B" cat is so sweet - that design is definitely calling to me!

  15. Wow, the B kittie is taking shape and is looking so good. And your little mous is finished, yeah! I love stitching mice although it's a long time that I haven't stitched one. I have to go and have a look though some of my old British magazines to find one ...

  16. Your letter stitching are so dainty, great progress. Cute Christmas mouse patterns! Adorable!

  17. Congratz on the little cute finish!!
    Its so lovely, perfect for Xmas.
    The others are so cute too.


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