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Monday, October 19, 2015

FF, FNSI & IHSW Round Up

It's Monday.... and time for a weekend stitching round up post!

First up is Friday Frolics.... nothing to report as nothing was stitched on Friday :o(  Epic fail....   We were out on Friday night and by the time we got home it was a bit too late to even think about threading a needle for a few stitches....

And of course you know what that means don't you??  Double epic fail!

Friday night was also FNSI and while I did sign up for this and I was hoping to be home in time to stitch with everyone... it just didn't happen! :o( :o(

But I am an optimist and I also look for that silver lining.... last weekend was also IHSW and I did manage to stitch most of the weekend!!  Having a cold, damp Spring Sunday helped immensely!

Joyce didn't post a sign up page last week.... but I didn't let that deter me.... want to see what I stitched on Saturday and Sunday?

Saturday saw me rummage around in the Stitching Box and come up with "Halloween Sneak Peek" by The Trilogy, which was good timing as I needed to stitch and post my "ghost" on the Halloween Ornie SAL Blog before the end of the month.... indeed before Halloween which falls at the end of the month!!!

I am really pleased with my weekend stitching progress... because not only did I start and finish the Ghost square... but I also started and nearly finished the Jack (pumpkin) square!  (If the Argentina/Ireland Rugby game had gone another half hour I would have probably finished that one as well!!!)

So first up... here is the "Ghost" square

"Halloween Sneak Peek" designed by The Trilogy
After a weekend of stitching on the Ghost and the Jack, the whole piece now looks like this:

"Halloween Sneak Peek" designed by The Trilogy
as at Oct 2015
Not bad progress for Saturday and Sunday, even if I do say so myself!!  I have only one more square (the witch) to stitch on this one and then back onto the border.....  Before I post my Ghost on the Halloween blog I need to do some Halloween decorating... have no idea what I am going to do but I think a trip to Spotlight is called for, or maybe I should just take a photo of the cobwebs and big black spiders that we have hanging around on the back patio and use them as my decorating!!!

I am going to put this one away now so that I can start on my Christmas Ornie SAL Blog piece for October.  Hopefully I will have something to show you all next week....

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs, xx


Brigitte said...

No wonder that you managed to stitch so much over the weekend with three SALs combined, lol. And yes, you made some great progress indeed!

Lesley said...

Your Hallowe'en piece is looking great.I love the bright fabric

Annette said...

Good luck with your decoration.. you will find something nice!!
You done a great job, barvo.. You weekend was filled.. hihihi
So finished you posts in my bloglovin, Hope I didn't missed one.. have a great week.. Can't wait to see what you wll be stitching this week!!!

butterfly said...

What a fun design love it .

Linda said...

Awesome progress Noni.


Kaisievic said...

Never mind re FF and FNSI, it happens that way sometimes. Fabulous stitching for IHSW, though, Noni - that is such a fun design!

gominam said...

Great progress on the squares. So cute against the beautiful fabric:)

Bea said...

Your Halloween squares are really cute. Well done!

Julie said...

Such a fun design, a great choice of fabric for it, the colours really do pop off the screen!

Angel said...

Fun halloween stitching, have fun decorating!

♥ Nia said...

Look who is here peeking ;) hello my sweet friend! Sorry I've been missing to read your blog for so long.... Oh raising a toddler takes our free time to another level :p heheheheh
Your Halloween stitching is so cute =) really adorable!
I need to take a look back on your previous posts, pretty sure I will find more cuties ;)
Hugs&smiles to you

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Cute ghostie! This design is looking great. I'll be asking for suggestions for next years themes soon so if you have a big design let me know what is included in it LOL.
I also have some great cobwebs as all year round decorations!