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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 15, 16, 17 - Crazy Starts 15, 16, 17

Sorry, I meant to come back on Friday and update you on my last new start for the CrosstitchCrazy Event and of course day 15 of Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015), but unfortunately my Friday was very busy and as is often the case of best laid plans.... I didn't get a chance to do an update!

So now I will do a 3 in 1 update!!!  Day 15 was a new start but Day 16 and Day 17 I worked on 2 of my WIP's which fall under the rules of the DUCJC 2015 challenge.

First up is my Day 15 new start.... another Halloween design!!

Happy Owl-O-Ween - Needle Bling Designs
This rather different owl is from "Needle Bling Designs".  The chart is a freebie that is located on their website but I actually downloaded the freebie from a FB group that I am member of - "Pumpkin Seed Stitchers".  Ever month there is a new freebie from a different designer available for download. This is the first one that I have stitched so far, but I am sure I will eventually stitch more!

I am stitching this design on another "Stitches & Spice" fabric - Rocky Creek Canyon 32ct Belfast. Love the colours of this fabric so I think I will be using it again for something else very soon!

While I have now finished the 15 new starts in 15 days for the CrosstitchCrazy Event, I still have the challenge of stitching every day for 31 days which is the challenge for the DUCJC2015.  So with that in mind Day 16 & Day 17 were not new starts but WIP days!!

Day 16 I worked on my "Faces of Joan Elliott" Mystery SAL.  The last time you saw the "Faces" was 23 December 2014... and she looked like this:

Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery SAL status as at 23/12/14
I did some stitching on this SAL over the Christmas period and this is where I left her:

Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery SAL status as at 31/12/14
As you may notice I have started stitching her face doing 1 over 1, but I decided to take a break from all that concentration stitching when I got some of the missing colours and went back to the hair and headdress.  I then put her aside when it was time to start the crazy challenges.  And I picked her up again on Friday night and did some more on her hair and headdress, and this is where she is today:

Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery SAL status as at 16/1/15
I am so far behind in this SAL but I am not stressing as I will eventually catch up!  This is the last that you will see of "Faces" now for January but I promise she will be back in February!

Yesterday, Day 17, saw "Jingles" come out of hiding again!  The last time I showed you "Jingles" was back on 26th December 2014.  I didn't stitch on "Jingles" at all over the Christmas break so there isn't any change to what "Jingles" looked like when I started stitching yesterday:

Lizzie Kate's "Jingles" Flip-It as at 26/12/14
And this is what "Jingles" looks like after stitching on the next block yesterday:

As I won't play on "Jingles" again this month this is my monthly "Jingles" update as well...

So that is what I have been stitching on over the last 3 days.  Today is Day 18 and today I will also be stitching on one of my WIP's.

I forgot to mention on Friday that this weekend is the first IHSW for 2015.  I did remember to sign up and tomorrow I will do an update post and go visiting some other blogs to see what everyone else worked on this weekend.

So that's for now... I had better get off the laptop and get stitching before there are no hours left in the day for stitching!!

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Til next time, Happy Stitching!
Hugs x


Annette-California said...

WOW! Great job keeping up with the sals. Love all your projects your stitching and what beautiful progress too! love Annette

Lesley said...

Love your two WIP especially Jingles and your no. 15 new start is so sweet.

Rachel Tomkins said...

I love the fabric too! And LK charts are really beginning to grow on me! Lovely progress. :)

Justine said...

I too love that fabric! The colours in Jingles are beautiful. It looks fun to work on. Great progress.

Linda said...

Pretty new start Noni. Nice progress on the other pieces.


Angela P said...

Loved seeing your progress on all those great projects!

Heather said...

Oh my you have done so well :) excellent xxx

Catherine said...

Sweet stitches ~ looking forward to seeing these grow!

cucki said...

Wow so sweet xxx

Angel said...

Well done, and the owl pattern is so cute.
I understand you had to stitch that one...i think i just have to stitch it too now i have seen this:-)
Good luck with all your projects!

Deb said...

Absolutely beautiful stitching! LOVE your fabric for your Owl!

Kate said...

awesome projects!! very beautiful stitching :)

Bea said...

Wow, you've been busy. great progress on your projects.

Annette said...

Ow My you have been stitching like crazy!!
Great progress updates!!