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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 5 / Crazy Start #5: "Comet"

Day 5 update.... sorry not a lot to show for this one.  Last night I managed to get about an hour of stitching done but a start is a start, and this is another pretty in pink start!

After starting to stitch "Prancer" a couple of days ago and loving the colours, I just had to pick up "Comet" and get going on this pretty one as well.  "Comet" is the second of the "Christmas Eve Couriers" on my Crazy January list, but I do have 2 more hiding in my stash....  so they may also make an appearance at some point in the near future as well!

I am stitching "Comet" on the same fabric as "Prancer" so hopefully this time the picture shows some of the pink blush that the fabric has throughout the blue, and I think you may also be able to see some of the sparkle that is in this fabric.  (Fabric is "Arabian Nights" from Stitches & Spice)

"Christmas Eve Couriers - Comet " - Nora Corbett
That's it for a very quick update on my Crazy January.... but before I go I must say a big hello to my new followers... Hello!

See you all tomorrow when I will hopefully surprise you with yet another start!

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Til next time, Happy Stitching!
Hugs xx


butterfly said...

I love Prancer , I am sure I have a few of the charts in my stash will have to fish them out so pretty .
Just a few stitches a day and it is amazing how quick things grow.
Well done on your goal hugs.

Annette-California said...

Very pretty new start! The fabric is beautiful - great for Prancer:)
love Annette

Brigitte said...

And another Nora Corbett design. Both reindeer will look great.

Vickie said...

Such lovely fabric for a great pattern.

Linda said...

Nice start and I love the colors.


Anonymous said...

Your braver than I and cant wait to see it more accomplished.

Emma/Itzy said...

The fabric is so beautiful! Great start :)

Thoeria said...

Just been squishing through your lovely starts! You certainly have been busy, Noni! And that bling!! Oh my goodness! I xh believe it has magical powers:D

Thoeria said...

Lol....just saw my autocorrect changed squizzing to squishing!!

Annette said...

another beautifull Xmas piece!!