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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017

Well, it would appear that I survived 2016... just!!  I don't think that I am the only one pleased that 2016 is over and that we are hopefully starting afresh with a new year and a renewed spirit.... 2016 was a tough year in a lot of ways for me (us) but it is now in the past and I am looking forward to the new year with spring in my step (well, I am trying to convince myself that I have a spring in my step anyway!!)

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!  Ours was very quiet and relaxing with lots of stitching to be had!  Best way to spend a holiday in my opinion!

So.... given that I haven't posted in quite some time.... I have a lot to catch up with you all.  I haven't even managed to read any blogs in the last few weeks so I am also way behind on everyone's news but fingers crossed that will be rectified soon :o)

Where to start....

Firstly let's look at a collage of finishes

The last 6 pictures in the collage above you haven't seen before - they were were all finished in December. (2 x Fantasy SAL finishes - Oct & Nov; Mill Hill kit; L*K Jingles "Silent Night" and the border between the blocks; L*K Snow Story "Cold Hands"; border for Plum Street Samplers "12 Days of Christmas")

Best year of finishes ever!! I had a total of 46 (yes... 46!) finishes during 2016. Most are small and some are parts of a larger piece (ie Fantasy SAL) but overall I am quite pleased to have a good total for 2016.

I did also total up all of my starts for 2016.... 89 starts - of which I finished 41! The other 5 finishes from my 2016 total were starts from 2015.

Since the beginning of 2017 I have been working on the Plum Street Samplers "12 Days of Christmas" for the Stitch Maynia "12 Days of Stitchmas" event.  (Picture below to refresh your memories as to what it looks like)

I am not using traditional colours for this piece and have decided to go out on a limb and use variegated threads from Jodyri Designs. Once the 12 days are all started I will take a picture of the full piece.  This piece will be my Christmas Ornament Blog piece and the aim is to finish a block each month during 2017.  Easy.. right?!?

For the Halloween blog I am planning on stitching mainly on one design that I will try to match up each month to the theme.  The design I chose to stitch for 2017 is "Halloween Happiness" by Sandra Cozzolino. (I got the idea of stitching this one in 2017 from Serendipitous Stitching's Jo)

I started the moon on New Year's Day as my New Year, New Start.... I think this is going to be a lovely piece when it's all done.  I have chosen to stitch it on a light purple fabric rather than the recommended smoketone fabric.  Much more of a Halloween colour!

As for the rest of 2017.... I will continue on with the Lakeside Needlecraft Fantasy SAL til that ends in July, and I have also signed up for 2 more monthly SAL's - Frosted Pumpkin's "Happily Ever After SAL" and Ingleside Imaginarium's "Dragon Birthstone SAL".  And of course, there are all the events in Stitch Maynia and the other FB Groups to stitch for, so lots of stitching ahead!  Fingers crossed I will manage to keep up with the monthly SAL's as well as getting some of those WIPs under control!!

Til my next update.... happy stitching and may the frog stay far, far away!
Hugs xx


Vickie said...

2016 was a very tough year for me Noni. I am hoping very much this year is so much better for us all! Happy New Year! ♥

Linda said...

Oh my goodness Noni. Congrats on all of the adorable finishes. Looking forward to watching your pieces grow this year.


Kaisievic said...

Dearest Noni, I hope that 2017 is a much better year for you. Wonderful finishes and I love your Stitching plans - I am doing Sandra's Halloween Design, too (I, too, copied dear Jo). Hmm! Very tempted by your two new SALs, as well ... but, I have so many WIPs and UFOs!!!!! Happy New Year.

Beth in IL said...

Wow! You got a lot done! Good for you!

Preeti said...

Happy new year!! You accomplished lots of stitching goals ! Wish you many more creative days ahead.

Lesley said...

Happy New Year Noni.Your collage is full of fantastic stitching.

FlashinScissors said...

Wow! Well done Noni! Here's wishing you lots more finishes in 2017!
Love your collage!
Wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!
Barbara x

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Leonie, you had such a successful stitching year 2016. I always love to see these mosaics on the blogs, they give a wonderful impression of what kind of stitching was going on.
Like you I have also welcomed the new year with new stitchy plans. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017 and good luck with all your SALs :)

Katie said...

Beautiful finishes Noni! Love them all. Good luck with all your 2017 goals and making it a better year.

jocondine said...

Lovely stitchings and great collage, I'm happy to share two with you (the fox and the cat, I took the idea on your blog for my skating xmas theme). As Plum SS is on my list I'll try to plan it for 2017 to stay close to you. Bonne année et meilleurs voeux. Bisous.

Julie said...

Great finshes and all so very different too.
Wishing youa year filled with lots of happy times and good health = Happy New Year xx

Bea said...

Wonderful finishes and a good plan for 2017. Wishing you a wonderful New Year that is fully enjoyable!

Mini said...

2016 was a great creative year for you with 46 lovely finishes. Wishing a you a healthy and happy new year.

Melinda Forbes said...

WOW You had a wonderful stitching 2016. So many wonderful finishes. Looking forward to seeing your progress in 2017, especially on the 12 Days piece. I do want to stitch this, and love seeing how many different ways it is stitched

Heather said...

Wow that's so much finished! Good luck I love your pieces. I'm looking forward to your choices of threads for 12 days!

Lili said...

Happy New Year!!!
So beautiful stitching!! Nice stitching plans!! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You got one more finish than me! But not if I go back and count my Christmas Cubes as nine finishes LOL
You've made some great plans for this year, we have quite a bit in common too! Great minds stitch alike.

Bea said...

Lovely finishes and a good plan for the new year.

The Crafty Princess said...

Lovely little finishes! Happy 2017 and hears to another successful year.
xo Alicia