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Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 WIPocalypse - I'm In!

WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings

Well, you may have worked it out already but I am a bear of very little brain and at times it does take me quite awhile to jump on the bandwagon.... (other times I jump on with no thoughts what-so-ever and no risk assessment!!)

After all of these years in blogland, and reading all the WIPocalypse posts every month, I have finally taken the plunge, so without further ado here is my first 2017 WIPocalypse intro post :o)

I think that most of you know what WIPocalypse is... but for those of you that don't know I will attempt to explain!

WIPocalypse is run by Melissa over at Measi's Musings and is now in it's 6th year (amazing!).  The object of the WIPocalypse is to stitch on projects that you want to complete before the end of the world! And I guess since we don't know when that will happen I should choose projects that have a special meaning or ones that I really love... or want to gift them to someone (right?)

At the beginning of January we need to choose those WIPocalypse projects and post the list.. as well as do a small intro about ourselves. (I'm not good with talking about myself so I will just assume you know me from all the years I have been around in blogland and FB!) 

Then.... every month starting on January 29th 2017 (last Sunday of the month) we need to post any progress on said WIPs and add a link to the post over on Measi's monthly signup page.

Hope that is as clear as mud.... :o)

Ok... so let's get onto my chosen WIP's for the challenge.  I like Jo's idea of picking 17 for 2017 so here goes, and in no particular order (just as they pop up in my brain!)

1.   Prancer (Nora Corbett) - started 3 Jan 2015
2.   Comet (Nora Corbett) - started 5 Jan 2015
3.   Queen Anne's Lace (Nora Corbett) - started 3 April 2016
4.   Queen of Peace (Nora Corbett) - started 8 May 2016
5.   Zenia (Nora Corbett) - started 22 Oct 2016
6.   Dressmaker's Daughter (Nora Corbett) - started 1 Jan 2017
7.   Jingles Flip-It Series (Lizzie Kate) - started 12 April 2014
8.   Moutons de Saisons - été (Collection Tra La La) - started 9 Jan 2015
9.   Faces of Joan Elliott SAL (Joan Elliott) - started Sept 2014
10. Snow Story (Lizzie Kate) - started 14 May 2016
11. Dog House Sampler (Little House Needleworks) - started 26 Sept 2016
12. 12 Days of Christmas (Plum Street Samplers) - started 25 Dec 2016
13. Halloween Happiness (Sandra Cozzolino) - started 1 Jan 2017
14. Mini Mandala II - C (Chatelaine) - started 1 Feb 2014
15. Fashionista Cat (Design Works Kit) - started 1 Jun 2015
16. Birdcage (Design Works Kit) - started 1 Feb 2015
17. Halloween Sneak Peek (The Trilogy) - started 7 Jan 2015

You may notice that while these aren't in any particular order I did list all of my Nora Corbett starts first.... I am going to a Nora Corbett stitching retreat in May 2017 and I would really love to be able to take some finishes with me especially as Nora will also be there!! (I'm getting very excited about May... not that you can tell!!)

Some (let's be honest here - most) of the WIPs I have listed won't get finished in 2017, but I am hoping that by listing them I can at least try and stitch on them, and make some progress on them all during the year!

So here's to a very productive and happy stitching 2017!  See you back here on 29th January for an update post.

Til then, happy stitching and may the frog stay far, far away
Hugs xx


Heather said...

Great choices good luck! Nora is one of my favorites!

Mini said...

I just got excited just by reading that you will be meeting Nora! Great list of projects. Looking fwd to seeing them stitched.

Brigitte said...

A great list, Leonie, for your WIPocalypse SAL. I was thinking about joining myself but as I know that I won't have too much regular stitching time until the middle of the year I just stay away. But I will watch what everyone else will be stitching.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

I am loving these great wipocalypse lists and another lot of lovely choices to follow

Katie said...

Good luck with your goals!!

Julie said...

Happy stitching on your chosen projects this month.
What an exciting time May will be for you.

OhSewCrafty said...

Wonderful list, especially the Nora's. I was lucky enough to meet her last year and she was great.

Bea said...

Wonderful choices! Good luck with your progress and a few finishes.

Sandy said...

Love your list of Nora Corbetts, I have several of her charts in my stash and a couple I'm working. Can't wait to see progress

Justine said...

What a lovely list of projects. How exciting to meet a favourite designer!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am so pleased that you are going to be doing the WIPocalypse with us this year. Kaye is also joining for the first time.
Love your list, I could quite easily swap lists with you and stitch from your list!

Kaisievic said...

Great list, Noni - I can't wait to see some progress pics on these lovely designs.

Tiffstitch said...

Great list and good luck on turning some of the WIPs into finishes! My WIP list "needs" are constantly changing, so I haven't tried WIPocalypse in a while. :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow what an awesome list. I hope you have a very successful WIPocalypse year. I will be cheering you on!
xo Alicia