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Friday, July 1, 2016

Smalls SAL June 2016

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And before we know it.... another month has gone by!  June's Smalls posting day was 30th June but as you can see I am a little bit late posting (it is probably still 30th June somewhere in the world though!)

I have quite a few smalls this month to show you... much better than last month's effort!!

Earlier this month I showed you my finishes #17 & #18.  I finished these 2 after posting May's Smalls penguin card update... so here's a recap of them:
Finish #17: Mosey n Me - Christmas Test Drive
Finished 27 May 2016
Finish #18: Penguin Christmas Card (freebie)
Finished 29 May 2016
Now onto June's Smalls...  these are all June starts and finishes :o)

Finish #22
Tartan Stocking Decoration
Free gift - UK Cross Stitcher magazine December 1995 issue
Started 26 June 2016
Finished 26 June 2016
Finish #23
Punched Needlepoint Christmas Card
Free gift - UK Needlecraft magazine December 1992
Started 26 June 2016
Finished 26 June 2016
Finish #24
Noel Decoration
Free gift - UK Cross Stitcher magazine Christmas 1996
Started 26 June 2016
Finished 28 June 2016
Finish #25
"Joyful Santa" - Homespun Elegance
Just Cross Stitch - Christmas 2015 issue
"Joyful Santa" - Designer: Homespun Elegance
Started 19 June 2016
Finished 29 June 2016
Stitched on Sugar Cane Crunch (Stitches & Spice) 28ct linen using the called for DMC threads.  I am hoping to finish this one off as flat fold in the next few days.

So that's it for my June Smalls update... not a bad effort even if I do say so myself :o)

I have a number of WIP updates to show you so I will be back soon with an update post.

Til then, happy Smalls stitching...
Hugs xx


  1. Hi Noni, so many lovely smalls! Happs stitching!

  2. The tartan stocking caught my eye right away - and isn't it wonderful to stitch a project from an Issue that is 10 years old. Sugar Cane Crunch is the best name for fabric for a Christmas Time Stitch. Thank you for sharing your wonderful smalls

  3. Lots of beautiful finishes. Great job!!

  4. Great Smalls! And it's not just the months that whizz by, it's actually TWENTY years since the 1996 issue. How can that be? The 90's were only last year, surely. We are starting to get job applications from people born in the 2000s which is truly scary!

  5. Lovely small finishes Noni.Hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

  6. Adorable Christmas smalls, great job:)

  7. Nice selection of smalls this time.

  8. What a great selection of smalls! I love the Mosey n Me one. I remember stitching that penguin years ago. I wonder where it is now?!

  9. You have been busy! And all so lovely. Well done! I did enjoy my visit to your blog.

  10. Oh my, so many lovely finishes for the Smalls SAL. Great job!

  11. I really like that Mosey n Me. You deserved the extra day to get so many things finished!


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