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Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas in July Swap

Today is the 25th July... and around the world a lot of people are celebrating Christmas in July. For those of us living below the Equator we celebrate the real Christmas during the heat of Summer, so when July comes around and it's the middle of winter... why not celebrate Christmas and be freezing while you're doing it! And of course, the next logical step would be to participate in a Christmas in July swap!!  If you want to read more about the swap rules follow this link and read on...  there is also a separate blog for the swap which can be found here.

First up I will reveal the gorgeous gifts that I received from my swap partner - Illene from Ret Dairy Queen.
Christmas Tree

Reindeer Bag

Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree and Snowmen table runner

Gifts galore...
Thank you Illene, I love all these gorgeous handmade gifts... and thank you for the Mill Hill designs - Mill Hill kits are fast becoming my latest obsession (I keep seeing other stitchers progress.. and I so want to stitch them) and I am very happy to receive these lovely ornie charts!  I must apologise the light was terrible when I took these photos so these gorgeous pieces are not showing up as well as I would like...

Below are pics of what I sent to Illene... I had a day of finishing a couple weeks ago and transformed all of my recent Christmas stitching into finished pieces for the swap.

Margaret Sherry Xmas Mice
Joyful Santa
Tartan Stocking ornie & stocking scissor fob
Penguin Christmas card
A box full of extras....
I also used the needlepoint card that I stitched recently as a box topper and included bon bons full of Christmas buttons, multi coloured beads, Christmas pegs, handmade Christmas angel for phone or scissors, pearl pins and a Christmas notebook.

I had fun putting this Christmas package together and it was great fun to actually "finish" off some of my stitching for once!  I really should do more of it!!!

So that's it for today.... see you all again later in the week for the Smalls update.

Til next time, happy stitching
hugs xx


  1. Sewn many beautiful Christmas gifts made and exchanged..

  2. So pleased you liked your gifts and I absolutely love love mine And I meant the two loves
    Will put a photo on my Blog later xx
    Merry Christmas in July

  3. Wow Noni,great gifts received and sent.I absolutely the table runner you got. What is the technique for making that Xmas trees?
    It must have felt so good to be prepared for the exchange with all you smalls already stitched.Lovely finishing.

  4. Oh such lovely gifts given and received. It is nice to see such care taken by you both.

  5. Lovely swap, and what a great tree, such a clever technique.
    Merry Christmas to you both!

  6. Beautiful gifts received and sent. I hope you both enjoy your goodies.

  7. Lovely gifts you made and received

  8. Fabulous swap both sent and received.

  9. I love seeing successful exchanges like this one! You both spoiled each other with your gifts, especially the handmade ones. Merry Christmas!

  10. This all looks lovely! How organised to have completed Christmas crafts already!

  11. Wow, such a great exchange!Congrats and enjoy Noni!

  12. Fantastic makes both sent & received :)
    I do love those MS Christmas mice designs!

  13. Beautiful gifts sent and received, wow!

  14. Beautiful gifts both given and received. Love the pretty Xmas tree and table runner and the Margaret Sherry mice and Santa.

  15. Beautiful gifts both given and received. Love the pretty Xmas tree and table runner and the Margaret Sherry mice and Santa.

  16. Gorgeous gifts given and received,what a great idea:)

  17. Wow beatific progress! Great gifts both sent and received :)

  18. Wow! What wonderful, creative gifts....

  19. what a successful exchange. Lots of beautiful creations:)

  20. Ow My !!! WOW!!!
    BTW I don't need to think about XMas.... I first want summer.. here it's sun rain and a lot of with.. temp is around 20 degrees

  21. Just the PeRFecT gifts for this swap.
    Well done and thanks for joining in...xox

  22. These are all so gorgeous, I bet that Illene was thrilled with her gifts!


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