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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's a wrap! FNSI & IHSW July Update

Friday Night Sew In (FNSI).... held on the third Friday of every month

Let's start with Friday night's stitching....  I had great intentions of doing heaps of stitching on Friday night but.... I was so knackered when I got home from work that in the end I decided to grab one of the smaller designs that I have been slowly working on rather than risk stitching on something larger and frogging it all out again on Saturday!!

Friday's lucky stitching winner was the little Christmas Kitty freebie from Margaret Sherry.  I started this one back in January, put it down again until April and then forgot about it again until now....

Before I started stitching on Friday night he looked like this:

Christmas Kitty - April 2015
Now he looks like this.... nowhere near finished though!!  Oh well, I am sure there will be another opportunity soon to get him finished!

Christmas Kitty - July 2015
Now after all the fun of a Friday Night Stitch In, don't forget to head back over to Wendy's blog (Sugarlane Designs) to see what she got up to over the weekend.

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend (IHSW).... held on the third weekend (Fri - Sun) of every month

As I mentioned on Friday, the weekend just gone was also IHSW time.  Now that you have seen Friday's stitching effort, let me show you what I stitched on during Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday saw Nora Corbett Christmas Eve Courier "Prancer" come out of the stitching basket.

When you last saw "Prancer" at the beginning of the month he was missing a leg or two...

"Prancer" - 2 July 2015
 I have now managed to completed his two back legs and started on the front leg.  As you will probably notice the top part of the ribbon is still in the same spot as last time!!!  I am trying to leave all the white stitching to the last possible moment.....

"Prancer" - 20 July 2015
Sunday was a very dark and damp day... perfect weather for stitching on a Halloween design!  Which was just as well as I remembered on Friday that I hadn't got myself organised to stitch the Haunted House for the Halloween Ornie Blog post at the end of the month.

So enter "Halloween Sneak Peek" by The Trilogy.  Now the last time you saw this one was way back in February when it looked like this:

"Halloween Sneak Peek" - The Trilogy - February 2015
As you will notice I have stitched some more of the black border and completed one inside box border.  This little inside border will have a haunted house in it eventually!  All I have to do is get the house stitched before the end of the month....

"Halloween Sneak Peek" - The Trilogy - July 2015
If you are wondering what everyone else did over the weekend, drop on over to Joyce's blog and have a look at sign up post for a full list of who was participating.

So that is it for my stitching weekend.... I did do some "finishing" to my MS Lovers Blog exchange piece on Saturday and Sunday.  Fingers crossed that should be in the mail by the end of this week and then hopefully in a couple of weeks time I will be able to show you a finished finish!!! :o)

Enjoy your week, happy stitching
Hugs xx


  1. Your cross stitches are progressing nicely Noni.

  2. You made good progress on your pieces!! Small charts even if they seem to be easy to complete are actually time consuming with frequent thread color changes. Good start on your Halloween project too:)

  3. Great progress and lovely projects
    A good IHSW for you
    Greetings from holland

  4. You've got a number of great projects on the go!

  5. You did really well with all your pieces - a well spent weekend.

  6. I need to mark my calendar for the Hermit stitching weekend. I always forget! Nice projects.

  7. Beautiful work on all 3. I stuck with the same project all weekend. :)

  8. Nice projects you were working on, Margaret Sherry cats are so cute... but all that furry backstitch, but its worth it in the end.

  9. You're stitching on some lovely things. Prancer is looking gorgeous.

  10. There is a deceptive amount of stitching in those MS designs!
    Pranced is looking great and you are so disciplined doing the border first, I always dive in with the interesting part of the design then moan about being left with the boring border!

  11. Ow my.. so much progress.. it's awesome!!!
    Really great.. very beautifull.. Have fun stitching more of them

  12. Oh, you are busy with many things but they look great!
    Must admit i am sooo curious to see what you made for the ms exchange:-)

  13. Nice to see that you pulled out a Margaret Sherry cat and stitched a little bit on it. Her pieces are always so nice to look at on the blogs.Lovely progress on your other two projects during the hermitting weekend.

  14. Looks like you actually got a lot done, Noni - I love Prancer, now I have one of those designs somewhere - I must pull it out!

  15. You made some nice progress on all three designs. I have wanted to stitch the Reindeer designs but have not found time so I look forward to seeing your progress.


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