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Sunday, May 24, 2015

TUSAL May 2015

May is definitely a slower blogging month.... after all that activity in April things have definitely slowed down around here....

I may be a week late.... but finally I am here to post my TUSAL pic

It is quite amazing how the ORT's seem to be growing these days...  This month's ORT's are sitting with my new friend.... Hubby bought this cute little sheep home the other day.  He is one of those little cuddly things that you can heat up (or freeze) a little bag that then gets popped into back and warms you up... just like a hot water bottle only cutier!  I haven't tried him out yet, but as it is getting colder here now I don't think it will be long before he comes in handy!

Over the last week I have been stitching on the "Faces of Joan Elliott" SAL piece.  I have decided to leave the last little bit of the first face for the time being (doing the 2 over 2 is doing my head in....) and I started the second square which is the cat.

After a week of stitching him, I have now put this one away - this is what he is looking like at the moment:

I am really pleased at how cute he is turning out to be.... this square is stitching up really quickly - next time I pick him up I should be able to get that square finished!
The Annual Quilt and Craft Fair is in town at the moment.  Hubby and I went along yesterday for our usual shopping spree!

Before we started shopping though we met up a for a coffee with some other WA bloggers/stitchers/quilters.  This catch up was organised by Anthea from Hibiscus Stitches.  It was great meeting up with the girls.

Hubby was taking the pictures so managed not to get his own taken....

After a morning of walking around Hubby and I then met up with the girls again for lunch before we headed off home.

I did manage to buy a couple of things this time round, but I have to say that this year was extremely disappointing as far as needlework goes.....  There was only one cross stitching stand and unfortunately she didn't have any of the latest charts that I was looking for.  But of course, I did manage to buy some new kits and also some plain colour linen to add to my stash.

I have been eyeing these gorgeous kitties off for ages and finally got around to getting some of them.  I plan to stitch them to hang in the spare bedroom which we call "the cat room" as I already have cat pictures on display in that room!  I so feel a new start coming on.... which one should I start first I wonder!

Til next time when I have an update for you, happy stitching...

Hugs xxx

If you don't know (or haven't heard) about the 2015 TUSAL, Daffycat is again hosting the fun Totally Useless SAL (TUSAL).  Essentially we stitch and save our ORT's (Old Raggety Threads) and every New Moon those of us participating in the TUSAL post a picture of our ORT's jar, and then leave little msgs for Daffycat on her blog to show that we have been stitching and have posted our wonderful pics.  Please head over to her sign up page and join in the fun!

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Jeneta said...

Oooh - I love the kitty on the far right!!

Sally said...

Your faces SAL is looking gorgeous.

Oooh lovely new stash!

Justine said...

Your Joan Elliott is looking lovely. How nice to meet up with fellow crafters. I like your new stash.

Ale jc said...

ahhh those cat shoes are certainly my style.

Vickie said...

The JE cat is looking adorable.
I will have to see this cat room. Doesn't poor Mitzi have a dog room? ;)

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Your SAL is looking brilliant.
Looks like an enjoyable time was had at the Craft Fayre and those are lovely designs you chose.I love the cat on the chaise longue.

Linda said...

Nice stitching Noni. Love your new stash.


Annette said...

Great pic's awesome.. and great progress!!
Enjoy your new stash, when will you stitch them.. hihi with all your other things??

Anthea said...

Leonie, you have Mark, what do you need the sheep for??! ha ha

it was so great to meet you both on Saturday - next get together will hopefully be a day we can just sit, stitch & chat

Brigitte said...

Joan Elliott's Faces is looking so great. And your new sheepie is just so sweet and will help you to get over the first really cold days.
Wonderful new stash you could lay your hands on. I'm looking forward to seeing which one you will start stitching first.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The cat looks great. I am also very far behind in this SAL. It's been quite inspiring to see all the finishes though.

Your new stash looks great too, cats and shoes, what more could you want?

Angel said...

New stash, ohh you will never get finished :-).
I know the problem, too many wonderful designs!
Happy stitching!

jocondine said...

Nice stitching and this craft meeting must have been a so pleasant day! I love your new sheep friend too. How cosy/comfy looks that "méridienne" chair, very elegant.
(This is a great week, already 5 friends joining in the "train", we miss you). Hugs

Kaisievic said...

Cute new sheep friend, Noni, it is already quite cold here in Melbourne, I love your Joan Elliott kitty cat - very sweet - and your new stash looks like they wil be fun stitches.

gominam said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. What a pretty little sheep! Your Joan Elliott stitch looks wonderful. Love all the pics:)