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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blingy Cats and Reindeers....

Hello again!  Sorry I haven't been around blog-land a lot lately.... work has been absolutely flat out and the last thing I have wanted to do when I get home to sit in front of the laptop!  I will try and start catching up on my blog reading soon.... but in the meantime I have been doing some stitching!

Remember in my last post I showed you the new kitties that I bought?  Well, I couldn't resist that beautiful blingly kitties and I started one straight away...

After a week of evening stitching this is where I left "Fashionista Cat".

I am so looking forward to stitching some more on this one so instead of putting it away I am keeping kitty in my stitching drawer so that it close at hand and won't be forgotten about!  I am using the Aida and threads that came with the kit.

Last week I went back to one of my January starts.... Nora Corbett's "Christmas Eve Couriers - Comet".  When you last saw this gorgeous reindeer back in March he looked like this:

I spent all of last week stitching on "Comet" and now he looks like this:

I am quite pleased with my progress on "Comet" especially seeing as how I ended up frogging the dark green stitches on Monday after noticing that I had miscounted by one stitch and the whole lot was out!!!

"Comet" is now back in the stitching basket and "Prancer" is going to come out to play this week.  The pinks in these two designs are just beautiful!

I am trying to get some sort of order into all of my WIP's so I have come up with a monthly stitching plan.... for 3 weeks of the month I will do a weekly rotation for 3 of the larger designs, and then once a month I will try and do 7 x daily rotations for the smaller designs.  With a little bit of luck I may end up with at least one finish every month or so!

That's it for my stitching update of the last 2 weeks.  See you next time!

Til next time, Happy Stitching! ♥
Hugs xx


  1. Love your stitching they are growing . Love the pinks on Comet I have these designs in my box some where must find them .

  2. christmas comes so early for you...nice treat

  3. Good progress on both of these designs which are both gorgeous:)

  4. Both the cros stitches are lovely. I will enjoy watching them grow.

  5. Both the projects are so cute..
    Happy stitching xxx

  6. Lovely progress on both, love the designs. Good stitching plan/schedule for your WIPs. Have fun stitching:)

  7. Very pretty. Good luck with the plan.

  8. Awesome progress on such pretty designs Noni.


  9. You may not have been blogging but your needles have been busy!

    Great progress on lovely designs.

  10. Great start on the cat, Leonie!
    It's hard to get finishes on cross stitches, isn't it? Especially when there are so many on the go at any one time. Sounds like a good plan

  11. I´m looking forward to both designs, especially cat :-)

  12. Oh I like this!!!


  13. Lovely stitching Noni - I love everything you're working on!

  14. Great start on your Fashionista. Really impressed by your stitching plan as my own current organization is closer to a tornado warning on stitching. Hugs

  15. Hope tis week, work will be lesser busy more time to stitch.
    Great progress have fun stitching Prancer

  16. Good luck with your new rotation. For me, I find it works well for a while, then either a swap comes along that I have to stitch for or something new catches my eye - then it all goes haywire - lol! Fashionista and Comet are both looking great.


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