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Monday, May 11, 2015

"Tea with Brutus"

For some time now I have been following the "The Red Brolly" blog / website and facebook page.  I just love the gorgeous designs that Bronwyn has available on her website, and while I don't quilt or do any hand  embroidery other than cross stitch, I do like to check out their cute designs.

As you have probably guessed, I do like freebie designs.... especially when I want to try out a new designer or technique.  Red Brolly have some great free designs, and one in particular really did jump out at me...  the "Catalicious Quilt".

"Red Brolly" image
The "Catalicious Quilt" features a cute little orange kitty called "Brutus".  Of course, as with all things crafty, you can change the colours of the design and Brutus could be stitched in any colour to suit any pretty kitties that you have in your life....

I have been meaning to try my hand at other free-form hand embroidery techniques for some time now and over the weekend I decided it was time to start stitching Brutus.

Besides cross stitch and the associated back stitch / long stitch, it is a very long time since I have attempted any other types of embroidery.... especially satin stitch!  At school, this was not my favourite stitch... and I would have to say that feeling probably hasn't changed!

So enough, rambling.... here is "Tea with Brutus"

Isn't he adorable?  Overall, I am quite pleased with this finish!  It didn't even take me very long - I started stitching on Saturday afternoon and finished on Sunday night.  I need to find another way to transfer the design to the fabric other than a lead pencil though (hubby's pencils are all to light for the white fabric).... but for a test run, I think it looks ok!

I do plan to stitch all of the other designs in the series at some point as they are all just the cutest designs!

That's it for now.  I do have one more finish to show you, but that will have to wait for a couple of days!

Til then, happy stitching....
Hugs xx


  1. Very cute design. When I done one of her quilts I used a blue marker that washes out in cold water that I got at the local quilt shop:)

  2. That's a lovely design, and beautifully stitched! I have been meaning to have a go at hand embroidery for a long time too, I even have a pattern I want to stitch, but somehow never get around to it. Hopefully I will get it done soon!

  3. Congrats on the cute finish Noni. I like to just make plain old x's.


  4. Oh, he turned out so cute!

  5. What a cutie!! beatifull fone!!
    I love freebies to. In my crochet I always look for them

  6. I love Red Brolly's designs too and have stitched a few of her free Christmas ones.

    Your embroidered Brutus turned out great! I've been browsing through some of your other posts as well. You do some lovely stitching.

    I recently started a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered, including cross-stitch and I would love to have you come link up your post so my readers can come visit too. http://www.supermomnocape.com/2015/05/11/vintage-embroidery-monday-stitchery-link-party-5/

    I do hope you come join in the fun.

  7. Cute embroidery!! :) I have been planning to start free hand embroidery but never got to do it.

  8. That's really beautiful. You must have lots of patience. It looks so neat!

  9. Hi Leonie - great work you! - I love Red Brolly too & am very slowly working on the Polka Dot Girls quilt stitcheries.
    Your stitching is so neat & I love the colours you chose for your Brutus!

    Did you get my email about the Craft Fair?

  10. Love Brutus, will drink tea to him tomorrow, looks like he is keeping my teapot warm for me. Hugs.

  11. Brutus is gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the Catalicious quilt - definitely going to download that one!


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