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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S - Spring Bouquet

22nd April "S" Post
"Spring Bouquet"

On my goodness... here we go again!  You are so going to be so sick of seeing me after this challenge has finished!

Well as we know today is 22nd April and that means that it is posting Day 19 of the "Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge".

Today is "S" - "Spring Bouquet"

Spring: that wonderful season that comes after a long hard winter!!

Bouquet: a word of French origin, pronounced [bu.kɛ], may refer to a number of things most commonly -
Bouquet (wine), a fragrance or odor, especially when used as a description of wine
Flower bouquet, an arrangement of cut flowers

As I mentioned yesterday my "S" stitching is a WIP that has been hanging around for awhile and is beginning to feel very neglected!!

I started this WIP about a year ago but not a lot of progress has been made since then.  It is a Margaret Sherry design and I am stitching it as a SAL with the girls over on the MS Lovers Blog.

I did do a few stitches during the Crazy January challenge and I left "Spring Bouquet" looking like this:

Last night I stitched on some of the white of the belly and started on the other side of the bouquet. Unfortunately due to a very early start this morning I had to go to bed early last night so I didn't manage more than an hour stitching.... :o(

"Spring Bouquet" now looks like this:

Sorry, the picture is not the best.... I really must get more organised so that I can take better photos preferably in daylight!!

I will be back tomorrow with my "T" post.... so til then I will take my tired and exhausted body to the kitchen and make a cup of tea in an attempt to wake up so that I can do some more work this afternoon!

Til then.... Happy Stitching and Happy Blogging!
Hugs xx


Brigitte said...

Ahhh, I love this design a lot. And it's good to see that you pulled it out for your S-stitching day.

Justine said...

I love this design, it's so pretty. Don't put it away, it deserves to be finished soon!

Vickie said...

This is adorable. Especially on that fabric! I agree with Justine!

Linda said...

Nice progress and cute design Noni.


Beth in IL said...

Nice job. It is fun seeing others A to Z Challenge and what they are posting for each letter.

Thoeria said...

Busy catching up on blogs......and you certainly have been busy Noni!
I hope that you're well.....a friend of mine inOz says that some parts are being badly flooded! Take care please !

Katy said...

Beautiful job!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sweet design and a lovely dotty fabric too.

Annette said...

I Love the polka doch fabric, really cute, and the piece is also cute. Great job
Happy stitching

Annette said...

I Love the polka doch fabric, really cute, and the piece is also cute. Great job
Happy stitching