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Friday, April 17, 2015

O - Oriental

17th April "O" Post

Yee hah! It's Friday.... and as it is Friday 17th April, this must be posting Day 15 of the "Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge".

Today is "O" - "Oriental Stitching"

Orient: the Orient means the East. It is a traditional designation for anything that belongs to the Eastern world or the Middle East (aka Near East) or the Far East, in relation to Europe

Oriental: something pertaining to the Orient....

"O" is another one of those letters that I discovered I didn't have ongoing WIP's that I could shoe-horn into the letter.... so I had to have a new start!!!

"Jewels of the Orient" is a design that I have had sitting in my Joan Elliott box for quite some time.  I also have a number of Joan's "Geisha" designs that one day I would love to stitch, but as they are all quite large I decided not to start one for my "O" post.  Instead I decided to start the Kimono which is part of the "Jewels of the Orient" triptych.  This design is in a small D&C Joan Elliott book that came as a free gift with one of my UK magazines years ago (sorry I can't remember which one or when....). The design was originally printed in Joan's "Oriental Odyssey" book.

So say hello to my new start!

Besides the kimono in the set of 3, there are are two fans which I will stitch as I think they all look delightful together.

That's it for today's post... I thought I had better get it done and dusted early as I have to have a hydro-dilation injection in my "frozen" left shoulder today, and after that injection I am not if I will feel like typing.... fingers crossed I can stitch tonight as I think "Prancer" needs to come out of the WIP basket!

Don't forget this weekend is IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend).  Joysze is taking sign ups now, so head over to Joysze's blog, say hi and sign up for a weekend of indulging in our favourite past time!

Til then.... Happy Stitching and Happy Blogging!
Hugs xx


Justine said...

Lovely new start Noni, that's a very pretty design. I hope your shoulder is better soon and the injection doesn't prevent you stitching.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

Pretty design.I love the colours that go with oriental designs.I hope your shoulder allows you to stitch this evening and to take full advantage of IHSW.

Linda said...

Love your new start Noni. Take care of that shoulder.


Unknown said...

"Jewels of the Orient" - beautiful name and design. Really well done.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)

Kaisievic said...

Good luck with your shoulder, Noni. Jewels of the Orient is a great start for 'O'.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

World of Cross Stitching issue 177!
I have stitched several designs from that booklet, it was a great gift.

Annette said...

Lovely start!

Brigitte said...

Oh, a wonderful theme for this letter. And you have chosen a great chart, this kimono will be so beautiful.