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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stitch Maynia Update

As you will know from a previous post I am doing the Stitch Maynia 15 day challenge (15 starts in 15 days) this month.  So far I have managed to do 9 out of 9 new starts so I am on track!  I showed you the first two days on a post earlier in the month.  Below are pics of the Start 3 through to Start 9.

Day 3 - ABC Chats - F: Les Brodeuses Parisienne

Day 4 - Star Wars (Original Trilogy): The Cloudsfactory
Stitching the design as a bookmark with 2 or 3 characters and light sabers
note the Star Wars needleminder in the photo!!
Day 4 coincided with the "May the Fourth be with you" SAL on 4th May... so this is my Star Wars stitching that event :o)

Day 5 - ABC Chats  - G: Les Brodeuses Parisienne

Day 6 - Faces of Joan Elliott SAL (Dragon): Joan Elliott

I started that tiny bit of grey 3 times on Friday night.... I miscounted and didn't realise til I reached the top, then after stitching it again I realised it should have been the darker grey! So not a lot to show for a Friday night of stitching....

Day 7 - Christmas Test Drive: Mosey n Me
Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2015 issue
Day 8 - Queen of Peace: Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)

Day 9 - Trick or Treat: Pickle Barrel Designs
Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2016 issue
Well over half way there with the Stitch Maynia starts.... probably I will be back onto my ABC Chats tonight but who knows!  I must admit I am itching to get back onto the last three starts so I am counting down til 16th May and all 15 starts are down and dusted!

That's it for now... I have no idea when or if this will even post as there are issues with blogger... so fingers crossed you will see it and it won't end up in the great wide world of nothingness!!

So til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx


Tiffstitch said...

Great work on all the starts and hope the frog stays away for the rest.

Vickie said...

The perfect needleminder Noni!!!

Linda said...

Love all your new starts Noni. I ran out of energy for a while with new starts.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on all your starts! Great way of getting the alphabet cats started too.

Cathy said...

I love your choices. What a neat idea to do the Star Wars one as a bookmark!

Bea said...

Great starts!

Kaisievic said...

Well done on you starts, my dear and Oh, don't you hate it when the Frog Prince visits - he is getting around as he was at my house last night, too!

KimM said...

Wow - great starts....love them all....especially the Star Wars theme!

Heather said...

Great starts I love the storm trooper needle minder!

Justine said...

Great starts! I love the fabric you've chosen for the Mirabilia.

Mini said...

Great new starts. Looking fwd to c all the alphabets of ABC chats together

Julie said...

Nice new starts, looking forward to seeing your kitties on ABC Chat come to life.

gominam said...

Great job! awesome needle minder:)

Joysze said...

Noni, such fabulous WIPS. I literally LOL'ed at that needle minder of yours!

Annette said...

Another 15 new starts????? your really heving the stitching flue!!

LOVE LOVBE the star wars piece.. and you needleminder.. how cool, and so beautifull
Good luck with them all

Brigitte said...

This Stitch Maynia challenge is all over the place like the Crazy January challenge wer during the past years. I love seeing all the choices stitchers make for the challenge. Your are very interesting, too, nearly all from different designers and different styles. Looking forward to seeing the second half - but maybe you have already posted it, I'm just totally behind on blog reading.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful new starts, Noni, so hard to choose a favourite!