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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day...where's the TV remote?

Hi there!  How is everyone on this lovely Boxing Day?  Did you survive Christmas Day?  Or are you right now wishing you hadn't over-indulged in food and drink yesterday?  Either way I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas Day.

Today is definitely the day for sitting in front of the telly and not moving very far!!  We had a lovely Christmas Day.  The day started off early as it always does in our house... the sky starts to lighten around 4.45am and once the sky is light the cats are awake, and when the cats are awake so is Daisy and that means it's time for Mum and Dad to get up too.....  We did manage to get a sleep in yesterday to about 5.30am... bonus!

After feeding the grey wonders and having a cup of tea in bed, we took Daisy dog out for a early walk.  Then it was ham and eggs for breakfast and hey presto before you know it's time to put the turkey in the oven!  We then opened the couple of presents that were under the tree and gave the furry ones their stockings.  Daisy enjoys the unwrapping but the cats aren't that fussed!  However there were some little things in a stocking for them.

Daisy unwrapping her Xmas snuggy!
We bought Daisy a new snuggy which she adores.  The first day snuggy always loses a leg or two, but the rest of it lasts for about a month.  Once she gets the balls out of the body the tennis ball is destroyed in a matter of minutes but the plastic ball generally lasts for ages.  You can actually see in the back of this photo what is left of the snuggy that she had been playing with up until yesterday.

Daisy and her new Snuggy
The boys had a couple of new "mouses" and a funny coloured thing in their stocking.  Oscar had a little play.... but Felix liked the new mouses.  I went and checked on him about 1/2 an hour after they "opened" their pressies and found him sitting in front of the Christmas tree.....

Where's the mouse Felix?
He obviously thought that mouse looked quite good as a Christmas decoration!  Honestly, he did this.... neither hubby or I set this up... it was all Felix's work!

After lunch we had an hour of sitting outside on the patio listening to some good old Aussie pub rock (Micheal Buble was all worned out!) and enjoying the very mild summer's day!  (Most unusual for this time of the year in Perth).  My brother rocked up around 4pm, stayed for a leftovers dinner and the night.  It wasn't a late night though as we were all knackered and in bed by 9pm!

So after a big day yesterday, today is a very quiet day doing nothing in front of the telly.  Hubby is trying to keep busy though so that he doesn't worry too much about his eldest son who is currently sailing in the "Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race" in a 50ft yacht called "Knee Deep".  We watched the start of the race and tried to catch a glimpse of Knee Deep - they were up with the big boys in the first starting line this year, but unfortunately "Wild Oats XI" is apparently the only boat in the race... or at least that's what it seems like as Channel 7 only really showed Wild Oats XI.  Never mind....  For the next few days now Hubby will have to be content with following the race via the yacht tracker.....

We have now switched channels and are watching the Boxing Day test between Australia and India.  Sailing and Cricket are the two main staples of an Aussie Boxing Day!!  Oh and of course turkey sandwiches and left over trifle and/or Christmas pud.  Oh my goodness... more food!  Oh well the diet will start next week....

That's all from me for now.  I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas holidays.

Til next time, take care...


Blu Stitcher said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.


Kaisievic said...

Sounds like a very typical Aussie Boxing day - not much different in my house!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Catherine said...

Cute pics of the furbabies! A day of relaxing and doing not much here too! Enjoy!

cucki said...

aww cute pictures..sound like a lovely day..
love for you..
hugs cucki xx

Lumiruusu said...

Thank you for the Christmas card!!
What a lovely surprise it was.
we have had terible winterstorms,heavy rainand dangerous wind,someties snow and iceing rain..
My litle maillbox so full of snow that my all Christmasmail get wet too!!
But our house is very warm ,we have three glasses on every window and two fireplaces ...
I am so blessed to have a stitching/blogging-friend in Australia!!

Happy New Year anjoy
your x-stitches!!