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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Totally Useless SAL Update - New Moon 27 September 2011

Ok, now this is not funny.... where has the last month gone?  It doesn't seem that long ago since I did my last ORT report.  If time keeps slipping away this quickly it is going to be Christmas before I know it and I haven't even thought about Christmas stitching.....

So here we are again.... another ORT report.  As you have read in previous posts I haven't done a lot of stitching so far this month..... but I did have a finish -yippee!

This month's photo is taken in the craft room where this darling dragon lives overseeing all the crafty things that go on in there - mostly Hubby's quilting journeys!  I do my stitching in the family room at the kitchen table.... I know I should be using the craft room - there is a telly in there with Foxtel but for some reason I always park myself at the kitchen table when I stitch.

(Speaking of Foxtel, for those of us that watch "EastEnders" on UKTV David Essex has arrived!  I read ages ago that he was joining the cast of EastEnders and last night's episode ended with the man himself.  Can't wait for tonight's episode - I will be glued to the telly for the duration!)

Sorry, I digress (again)..... now to the ORT report:

September's stitching was mainly the "Cheerful Notes" quilt square and the pink of the kitty card that I started a couple of days ago.  The thin black ORT's on the top of the jar are from hubby's trousers where I had to re-stitch his hem the other night.  All ORT's are welcome in my jar!!!

TUSAL Update - New Moon 27 September 2011
Dragon and the ORT's
So that's it for this ORT report.  For more info on the TUSAL pop over to Daffycat's blog.

Til the next new moon on 26th October 2011, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

New Moons - 2011
26 October
25 November
24 December


Marlene said...

Thanks for your comments after your visit to Poppypatchwork, it's great being part of our corner of blog land.

Mouse said...

ohhhh cute dragon :) well done on the stitching progress and oooo just may actually go and have a peek at him on the telly ... don't watch it as a rule but may make an exception for him heheehehh :) love mouse xxxxx

cucki said...

aww sweet dragon with jar..i love him.
well done on your stitching progress..keep well dear and have a lovely day..big hugs xx

Ewa said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE YOUR DRAGON! He seems SO EXCITED to be guarding your ORTs. Happy Stitching!

Kaisievic said...

Thanks for the kind wishes about the storm, Noni - the weather has been atrocious here all week - the long drive home from work has been quite fraught really. At least the drought is well and truly over! lol!

.... and yes two wicked kitties, but I love them still.
Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Kaisievic said...

P.S.I have been reading the Elm Creek quilt books, too. I am up to The Union Quilters but have yet to get my hands on a copy.

Lovely books to read.

K xoxox

Parsley said...

Looks like the dragon is going to eat your threads. lol

Happy stitching.