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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fresh veg from the garden.....

I love fresh veg from the garden!  It is such a treat to be able to go outside and pick some lettuce or spinach and eat it within minutes of picking it - the taste is so much better than shop bought!  In fact the difference is that there is a taste as most of the time shop bought produce has lost it's taste while it's been in cold storage for weeks and months on end....

The other night I picked some silverbeet, spinach and lettuce for dinner and lunch the following day.  I put it in the sink in some water to rinse off any dirt, etc... and low and behold when I came back what did I find looking up at me???
Just goes to show....
all creatures great and small love fresh produce from the garden!!
A lovely green caterpillar!!!  I'm sure he wasn't going to eat that much but I didn't really fancy finding him in my dinner so outside he went.  No doubt I will find him again in the vegie patch another day.

And while I was dealing with the caterpillar, what happened to my asparagus????

Oscar jumped up on the cupboard and promptly lay down on the asparagus and went to sleep.  Luckily the asparagus was still wrapped up in it's plastic bag.

Oscar the asparagus loving cat!
Normally he has his nose in Daisy's schmacko packet behind him.....
The trials and tribulations of trying to cook dinner in our house!!

Til next time, happy stitching


  1. Oh Oscar! Aren't you precious?! Very cheeky boy too lol. I would love to be able to grow my own vervegies, I'm normally pretty worried about how long they have been sitting there in the shop and god knows how long they've been in cold storage before that. Your vegies look delious. Oscar can keep the asparagus, yuck! Lol

  2. awwwwwwww .... Oscar is really cute who can resit a face like that ..lol and we have had fresh veg from the garden this week and I've to freeze some today .. one of my wifely duties hahaha.... then its back to stitching :) love mouse xxxx

  3. That's wonderful that you have fresh vegetables from your garden. I have never tried that myself... such hard work!

  4. this is really sweet that you have fresh vegetables from your garden..i also have a little vegetable garden.. and oscar is really so cute..kisses xx

  5. That looks really yummy, Noni. LOL at Oscar!!

  6. Oh, Noni, what a great pic of Oscar!! And the lettuce looks wonderful. You're absolutely right about there being nothing better!


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