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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The wonder of Mother Nature

One of the wonderful and amazing things about life on this planet of ours is the beauty and tenacity of Mother Nature.  Last year I had two Californian Poppies growing in pots on the patio.  They flowered but not very well and unfortunately they died....

But at some point they dropped their seeds and we now have a beautiful orange poppy growing in the patio!  That's right in the patio.... or rather in the dirt around the patio support!  Certainly not where I ever thought one would grow!

Isn't it funny how I couldn't get them to grow when I wanted them to grow but Mother Nature has worked her magic and one tiny poppy seed has grown to produce a mass of stunning colour!  I am looking out the back door while I type this and I can see them sitting up proud as punch in the sunlight.

I took the photo below yesterday and since then all of the other flower heads have opened up to show their faces to the sun.  While I was outside with the camera I also took a photo of our roses in the front garden as they are in full bloom at the moment as well.

The wonder of Mother Nature..... 
There is also a small catnip growing in the
same spot - this has also grown from seed!


Joysze said...

Oh Noni, they're beautiful! Flowers make me so wonderfully happy, and how awesome it must be to look out of your windows to see these beauties.

Gina E. said...

Hi Noni, thanks visiting my blog and for your comment on my ties block. I've been enjoying browsing your blog; funny how many people who love crafts and stitching also love cats (me too!). I can relate to your delight with the poppies self-seeding. That happens in our garden sometimes, and we get a real buzz when something pops up unexpectedly!