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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks!

Well here we are, it's Sunday and I have not done a single stitch this weekend on the Christmas Card that I am supposed to be stitching for an exchange!  And why is that do I hear you ask?

Coz, I have been too busy designing and playing around with my Blog!  I have spent the last couple of days looking at other people's great blogs to get an idea of what to do with mine and I think that finally this is the finished product!  I do hope you like it.

There is still one or two things to be tweaked and added, but that will happen as time goes on.  But for the moment I am happy with what I have done.  I have learnt lots of things along the journey and managed to also remember some of the HTML coding that I used briefly a very long time ago!  Not that you need the HTML codes to create a blog but sometimes I do find that it helps to know HTML a little bit when it comes to formatting...

I have even managed to upload some of my crafty photos onto Flickr and play around and add "sticky" notes to my photos in Picnik.

It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

I am now off to make a cup of tea and to try and get in a hour of stitching this afternoon.

See you all next time


Joysze said...

Your blog is lovely. Green is my fave color so I'm thoroughly enjoying your color scheme. :D

Mark said...

Well done - your blog looks very good - but you are not an old dog!

Kathyk said...

Looking fab Noni, saw your post on CB. I started my own blog in June - beware it's pretty addictive.

Feel free to check out mine


Joysze said...

Noni, I could've swore I left comments on your blog yesterday about loving the look of it, especially the green. Hmm.... maybe I was dreaming?

Well.... welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!! :D

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

HA! This old dog is still trying to learn some of the old tricks!!