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Monday, June 11, 2018

Stitch Maynia 2018 Starts 15 - 18 / May Update 2018

Image from Princess Sassy Pants website
Ok, so as you have probably realised today is a bit of a catch up blogging day....  May was a busy month for one reason or another, and I didn't get back to post the last of my Stitch Maynia starts... and then we went to Singapore for a week for Hubby's milestone birthday celebrations and now it's June!

The last start that I showed you was start #14 - so here we go for the last 4 official Stitch Maynia starts.

Start 15/18 - 15th May 2018
Start #43/2018
Enjoy the Moment Tea Sampler
Gail Bussi
Fabric: 28ct Lugana - "Pixie Kiss" / Hand Dyed by Stephanie
Thread: DMC as charted
Source: Cross Stitch Collection May 2011

Start 16/18 - 16th May 2018
Start #44/2018
Mill Hill Kit

Start 17/18 - 17th May 2018
Start #45/2018
Morning Has Broken
Mari Richards
Fabric: 28ct Opal Lugana - "Galene" / Under The Sea Fabrics
Thread: DMC as charted
Source: Cross Stitch Collection

Start 18/18 - 18th May 2018
Start #46/2018
Pink Sparrow Sampler
With Thy Needle & Thread
Fabric: 36ct Edinburgh - "Dubloon" / Picture This Plus
Thread: WDW, GAST as charted

So that was Stitch Maynia!  I loved doing the 18 starts for 18 days... and I left my favourite til the last... Pink Sparrow got some more love during May which I will show shortly...

The rest of May was filled with the following:

Start #47/2018
Christmas Penguin
Helz Chuppleditch
Source: Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching
Started: 19th May 2018

WIP Update
Winter Bluster - Glendon Place

WIP Update
Tabby Cat - Mill Hill Kit

WIP Update
Happy Birthday Puppy

WIP Update
Pink Sparrow Sampler
With Thy Needle & Thread

not a great photo.. sorry
I loved stitching on Pink Sparrow during May... I took this one to Singapore with me not expecting to get much done but I did manage to get a couple of hours in here and there... I put this away after stitching on 31st May with a heavy heart - I could have just kept on stitching, but June has to be a catch up month for my other WIPs... Pink Sparrow will come out again soon for some more love!

Stitching Graph for May

Having 19 starts in one month makes for a very big graph...

June's plans are to mainly try and catch up on the Sheep Virtues and my monthly Christmas stitching.  Stitch Maynia has the World Cup SAL during June so I am going to try and fit some of my WIPs into that SAL and hopefully I will have heaps of progress next month!

Til then, happy stitching
Hugs x


Brigitte said...

19 starts in one month sounds perfect for me. I love starting projects but lately there weren't many starts for me. I love yours, big ones and small ones and a nice variety of styles.

Linda said...

Love all of your new starts Noni. Nice progress on your WIP's.


Carol said...

Very cute starts--have to agree that the Pink Sparrow is my favorite, too :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice Maynia works, love that Pixie Kiss fabric.
How was Singapore?

deb said...

19 starts! I'd probably have trouble just kitting up 19 things in a month, LOL. Love the snowman trying to catch his hat, and (ohmigoodness, it's gorgeous) the Pink Sparrow. Lovely work on all your pieces!

Katie said...

Great new starts. Seems like a lot of people are busy busy. Time is just flying by!

Justine said...

Some great choices there! Pink Sparrow is beautiful, I can see why you were struggling to put it down. Gorgeous stitching. Good luck with your World Cup challenge!

Julie said...

Winter Bluster looks funny, that did make we smile.

Kaisievic said...

Love your eclectic range of projects, Noni, although I think that Pink Sparrow is my favourite. Did you enjoy Singapore? So much to do and see there, it is just amazing.

Shelly said...

Great stitching, Noni! So many projects that you touched on. I really do like the Pink Sparrow sampler though. Looks like you're having lots of fun with that one!

Mini said...

Hope you enjoyed Singapore. Lovely mix of new starts.

OhSewCrafty said...

What an impressive array of WIPs and new starts! I don’t think I could manage that many. The pink sparrow is beautiful so far.

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, you know how to keep busy! They are all off to a great start!

Christine Williams said...

How did you end up going through June? Could we see some updates? Miss ya!