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Monday, October 16, 2017

Finishes Update for October

Graphic from Princess Sassy Pants & Co blog/website
Well hello there.... I thought it was time I got myself organised and posted an update on some of my recent stitching especially as I have a mini finish, a unexpected finish and one big finish earlier than originally planned!! Yee hah!! Happy Dances all round...

Ok.. so I guess I'd best get started!

First up... I didn't end up doing a Smalls post last month as I didn't really have anything new to show - I showed my only "smalls" finish for my GG post earlier in the month - link is here to the September GG post.  Note... yesterday should have been my posting for October's GG post but I forgot to take the photo yesterday of what I bought and started for my birthday (love getting money for my birthday - more stash enhancement!)  I will take a photo tonight and post it tomorrow - I promise!!

So... what can I show you today....

Halloween Happiness (Sandra Cozzolino)
Fabric: 28ct plain purple fabric
Threads: all DMC
Started: 1 January 2017
Finished: 1 October 2017

Yep! You are reading correctly... I have finished "Halloween Happiness"!  I had planned to finish this on Halloween night (ie put the very last stitch in / attach pumpkin button on the 31st October) but I was so close at the end of September that I just had to keep stitching....

I still need to work out if I am going to frame it or finish it as a flat fold... but I am happy to say it's done!  I really enjoyed stitching this piece and love so many different elements of it - the witch is still my favourite character though!

My next finish for October was a design that I started for the Zodiac SAL that is being hosted by Jo (Serendipitous Stitching).  Again I missed that posting date... the Zodiac SAL will follow the same posting regime as the Alphabet Club - ie the first Saturday of the month.  But I can never get myself organised these days to get the laptop out and post on time...

This design is one that I have wanted to stitch for a very long time... A number of years ago the Peekaboo Pals Zodiac series was published in the World of Cross Stitching magazine and I collected them all and filed them away with the plan to one day stitch them!  Jo's Zodiac SAL is the perfect excuse to start them... 😁

Peekaboo Pals Zodiac - Libra / October (Deborah Flynn)
Started: 25 Sept 2017
Finished: 8 Oct 2017
Fabric: 32ct Belfast "Fairy Tale" Colour Cascade Fabrics
Threads: DMC
Chart: World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 141

Timing is also perfect for starting with Libra as I am a Libran... so it was really great fun stitching this during the astrological month of Libra.
I have no idea how I will finish all of them but they are cute... I now need to start the next one so that I can have another finish before the next posting date rolls around!

12 Days of Christmas (Plum Street Samplers)
Fabric: 28ct Jobelan "Gold Digger" - Colour Cascade Fabrics
Threads: Jodyri Designs (Wuthering Heights, Sense & Sensibility, The Olde Curiousity Shoppe, Midnight Hour)

Ninth Day
Started: 2 January 2017
Finish: 15 October 2017
Another one bites the dust!  Day 9 is late... but is now finished!  Can't believe that there are only three more squares left to go with this one now!  I am going to a stitching retreat at the end of the month so plan to take this WIP with me in an attempt to try and get Day 10 finished!

That's all the finishes up to date for now... I have a couple of starts that I haven't shown you so I will try and come back over the next couple of days to update you on them.

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx


Brigitte said...

Happy Halloween is a gorgeous finish, just in time for this year's Halloween. And wow, you also have a second finish, Libra. A great contribution to Jo's Zodiac SAL.

Justine said...

You had a great month! The Halloween finish is so bright and colourful. Great excuse to get the Zodiac designs stitched at last.

OhSewCrafty said...

Halloween happiness is a fab finish! I framed mine, but it is such a weird size, I think it would work great as a flat fold. Happy stitching!

Anthea said...

Hi Leonie
Wow I love the Halloween finish & that pumpkin button is the perfect touch. Woo Hoo!

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the awesome finishes Noni.


deb said...

Your finished look wonderful! Halloween Happiness is perhaps the single most delightful Halloween stitch I've ever seen - just love it! Don't know if you changed a color or it's just your fabric choice, but your moon and ghostie really pop!

KimM said...

Congrats on your unexpected finish - it’s adorable! And all your other stitching....fabulous!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the Zodiac SAL, this is such a cute series and small enough to get each one done for the Linky, which stays open all month.
Love Hallowe'en Happiness (of course!) and great work on your 9 Dancing Ladies.

Kerryp77 said...

I love the colours on your 12 days and yay happy dance for the finish too!

Julie said...

A good stitching month for you.
The Halloween finish is so lovely. Great choice for the zodiac SAL, I've not seen this series, looking forward to seeing the others.

Katie said...

So much beautiful stitching. Congrats on your finishes.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Well done on your finishes. I love your colour choices for PSS's 12 Days of Christmas.

Bethan said...

What a gorgeous Happy Hallowe'en! You had a very productive month. I love the colours on the 12 days of Christmas x

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful stitching on everything and big congrats on the finishes!

Sheryl S. said...

Gorgeous Happy Halloween piece and I like the little Libra pattern.