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Monday, February 6, 2017

A wee progress report....

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful stitchy weekend :o)

I thought I would drop in and do a bit of an update for you on what I have been stitching on this past week or so.

Friday's night frolic piece
Happily Ever After - Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Started: 26 January 2017
I started this piece on Australia Day... and managed to get quite a bit done over the long weekend. On Friday night I did a little bit more of the border and the cute little pussy cat.

I decided to go out on a limb with the fabric.... this is 32ct Belfast "Dark Fantasy" from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  The model piece is stitched on a lighter fabric but I love this fabric and when I did a floss toss everything seemed to work ok.. but time will tell I guess!  I am using the called for DMC floss except for the border (Dinky Dyes "Kalamunda" and centre piece (when I get there I have picked out a Jodyri thread!).

Here's an aside for you.... there is a sentimental reason why I using "Kalamunda" on this piece...   I used to live there! It is a suburb in the Perth Hills and sits between the suburbs of Lesmurdie and Gooseberry Hill.  I was living there when I met hubby - he lived in Lesmurdie and we used to catch the same bus to and from the City every day for about 6 months.  So I just had to put the thread somewhere into this piece :o)

17 A Day Update
Deer & Grapes Mystery SAL - Jean Farish
10 A Day Update
Dog Park - Satsuma Street

These 2 are ticking along nicely now... I am now sticking to the 17 and 10 stitches a day except on the odd occasion where it makes sense to finish 1 or 2 extra to finish a row or where a 1/2 stitch won't work.

2 New Starts! There is always going to be new starts!!
Autumn Bird - Satsuma Street
Started: 4 February 2017
Love the colours in this design.... I have been meaning to buy it... but on Saturday when I was going through my old magazine charts looking for something else I found it!! It was published in Cross Stitch Crazy (I think) a few years ago... So how's that for "Stitch from Stash"?  So pleased that I didn't buy it a couple of weeks ago when I bought her new one! I am missing a couple of thread colours but that is easily rectified.  Fabric is just a pale light blue 28ct fabric that I had in my fabric box.

Kitty Litter - Dimensions Gold Kit
Started: 5 February 2017

I think I have probably given myself another UFO with this.... that little bit that I did yesterday nearly drove me crazy... blended threads... yuck!  I have had this sitting in my stash drawer for a number of years and finally decided to start it as my one and only full coverage piece!  If I ever finish the stitching it will go into our spare room which already has kitty pictures on the wall :o)

I did stitch on a couple of other projects but just realised that I haven't taken photos!  Will rectify that on the next update (who knows one or two of them may be a finish by then!)

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs x


  1. Awesome progress on all of your projects Noni. I love the blue fabric and your stitching looks great.


  2. You are doing good with the challenges. Great new start. I love dimensions kits.

  3. Love the story of the Kalamunda thread! Looks like your use of the darker fabric is going to pay off, it looks great so far Leonie!

  4. Thank you for sharing the story on the Kalamunda thread Noni. :) I love that fabric!! You have such awesome projects going!

  5. Ooh you have been busy! I love the blue fabric, it's gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful progress on all your projects. I love that dark fabric so far. How special to use that thread too.

  7. Lovely progress and I love your fabric choice for Happily Ever After.

  8. Beautiful stitching! That Autumn bird is so cute!!

  9. Loving your projects! That CCF piece is gorgeous.

  10. Isn't it a wonderful thing, when you discover you already own the project you want to start I love Autumn bird. I love your fabric choice for Happily Ever After and that is a great thread choice for this piece. Thank you for sharing your story with us

  11. How lovely to have a special thread! I have a Crafty Kitten fabric named for where I live. The blue fabric is gorgeous!
    Love the two Satsuma Street pieces, how lucky to find one in a magazine you already own.

  12. Oh my, Leonie, such a lot of progress and new starts. I love the blue fabric that you use for the Frosted Pumpkin piece, wonderful!

  13. Gosh! You have been busy!
    Amazing to find you already have the pattern you wanted!
    Great progress, Noni!
    Barbara x

  14. Always something lovely to see when I visit... the blue fabric and the special thread is lovely.

  15. Love the fabric you chose for your FP!!! All your starts looks great!!!!!


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