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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stitching Update and Some Finishes....

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Hello!  Long time no speak.... It was still January the last time I managed to post on my blog... and now it's February!  At the risk of sounding like a broken record - where is time going????

January Stitching Update:
As I mentioned in my last couple of posts I have been doing lots of little stitching starts for various January challenges.  So how did I go in January do you ask....

**Cross Stitch Crazy 2016 (FB group) - 15 starts in 15 days: ü

**Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2016 (DUCJC2016) - 31 starts for January (will inc WIP's): well... I managed a total of 21 starts and then decided to concentrate on finishing a couple of those starts... so this challenge will carry over now to Feb - maybe! :o)

**Stitch Maynia (FB group) January SAL update listed below:

2016 Chatelaine Shenanigans SAL (Start a new Chatelaine or stitch on a Chatelaine WIP): didn't stitch on my Chatelaine but that's ok as this is a year long SAL!

New Year, New Start! (Jan 2016 - start something new!):  ü

Year of Starts! (12 monthly starts): ü "Snow Mates" was my Jan start/finish

Brooke's Books Year Long SAL! (Stitch one of Brooke's ornaments/characters/designs each month): no stitching on my Brooke's Books WIP's in January.

JCS SAL (FB Group) - January: "Snow Mates" - Blue Ribbon Designs ü

Christmas Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Music - Durene Jones' Christmas Chorus ü

Halloween Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Winged Creatures, Crows etc  - stitching Joyful World SAL - January design as it features a crow (not Halloween... but shoe-horned in!) - almost finished

So... onto stitching pics!  In my last post I showed you starts 1-14 for January - below we now have starts 15-21...
Gift from a fellow stitcher
Freebie Cross Stitch Crazy - finished!!
This start is also a small finish..... :o)
stitched in one afternoon/evening and becomes Finish #1 for 2016!! 

Another small freebie - Cross Stitch Crazy
Freebie from Cross Stitcher magazine
Freebie from Cross Stitch Collection
this has been in my freebie box for years.......
Freebie from Cross Stitch Crazy or Cross Stitch Card Shop??
Freebie from Cross Stitch Crazy
So that's all the new starts so far for 2016....

You saw Finish #1 earlier in this post (Cherries Notebook) but wait, there is more....

Here are Finishes #2 and #3 for 2016!
"Snow Mates" - Blue Ribbon Designs
Just Cross Stitch 2015 Ornaments Magazine
"Snow Mates" is the January ornie for the JCS SAL FB group and was my start #9 for the January challenges and is Finish #2 for 2016.

(I don't think that I have mentioned the JCS SAL in a post yet... so in a nutshell it is a Facebook group where we are all stitching ornies from the Just Cross Stitch 2015 Christmas Ornaments magazine.  We took a vote on what 12 ornies we would like to stitch for 2016 and the top 12 won! Each month during 2016 we will all stitch the same ornie that month.  If you don't like a month's ornie you can take a wildcard and stitch another ornie from the magazine for the month. Great plan, hey!)

"Christmas Chorus" designer: Durene Jones
Cross Stitch Card Shop #93
"Christmas Chorus" designed by Durene Jones is my Finish #3 for 2016.  This little cutie is my January entry for the Christmas Ornie SAL 2016 - theme was Music.

February Stitching Plans:
Stitch Maynia's February SAL is "We Love Stitching" (Valentine's theme/or stitching anything we love - can be designer/design/fabric/etc - as long as we love it!)

JCS SAL (FB Group): "Winter's Eve" designer The Prairie Schooler

Christmas Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Snow - "Snow Mates" is my February entry and that is already done! ♥- ü

Halloween Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Mummies and Monsters

So that's it for this marathon post..... hope I didn't bore you too much with my rambling!  See you all again real soon for the next round of TUSAL, Alphabet Club and GG posts that are all due in the very near future!

Take care and happy stitching
Hugs xx


Maria said...

Hi Loni, love the wee duckling....
Boy thats lots of starts and a very cute christmas finish...

Maria said...

Opps!! sorry Noni :)

Rachel said...

I think I understood all of that! You have so many SALs I'm surprised you can keep up! Love your little finishes. Keep up the good work! :)

cucki said...

All your stitching is so beautiful
Big hugs x

Linda said...

Awesome post Noni. I love all of your starts. They are so cute. Congrats on the adorable finishes.


Heather said...

They all look great! I don't know how you can have so many sals I'd go crazy! Enjoy them :)

Vickie said...

Wow. That is a LOT going on! I like Christmas Chorus very much.

Julie said...

Such a lot to keep track of, lots of lovely stitching happening with you. Cute finishes, the little Blue Ribbon is adorable and the cherries finish is delightful. Christmas Chorus made me smile .. wonder if she's signing in tune or will the dog be howling :-)

Annie said...

OMG, how have you had time to eat and sleep etc?! That's a crazy amount of projects and SAL:s etc:)) Well done!

jocondine said...

I know your secret, you're a sleepwalker stitcher! Your Christmas Chorus is too cute! Bisous

Ale jc said...

some very fine examples of stitchings here..love the notes...i dont' think I could ever do that many in a lifetime...way to go NONI

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Noni, Wow you have been busy! Great starts. Love the cherry notebook. You have inspired me ..... I have the Spring Tulips kit, but no pattern (came to me via my sister, but no magazine!) I think I might be able to stitch it from the kit photo! Tell me, what do you do with all your little kits?
Barbara xx

Katie said...

Wow lots of beautiful things. Congrats on the finishes! They are all too cute. Good luck with your goals.

Thoeria said...

You have been a busy girl, Noni :) Lovely stitching!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great catchup post. Lovely to see all the little cover kits being stitched.
You have entered a lot of challenges this year! Luckily some will double up.
But what's this about a shoehorn on the Hallowe'en Blog?

Annette said...

OMG so many goals.. Your a busy girl!!
Your finishes are so lovely
I love the singing girl. Great job on them.
Good luck with your Goals continue in February!
You wll make it. then teh rest of the year finishing of all the Wips!!
Good luck, happy stitching

sharine said...

Everything looks great but my fave is the carolling girl:)

Angel said...

You are a busy bee Noni!
I really like the cute snowman.
Good luck with the many challenges.

Bea said...

You've been busy! Lovely starts and 'well done' on the finishes. Looking forward to seeing a few more.

Brigitte said...

Wow, wow, wow. Now this is a post with lots of SALs and starts and finishes. And the word I love most is the word "starts". I love starting new projects :) Your next batch of starts for Debbie's new challenge is just as nice as the first batch. And hey, there are already finishes to admire. I love the freebies that come with the British stitching magazines nowadays, and I have some very old ones but haven't stitched them yet. The old ones are not as nice as the newer ones, I think.
You are doing so great on your SALs.

♥ Nia said...

OMG! How can you find yourself in the middle of so many wips?!?! :D It's crazyness after crazyness ;) LOL!!!!
Adorable stitching, as always! You make such cute choices to stitch :)