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Saturday, December 27, 2014

2015 Craziness Abounds!

All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle
~ Ellen Birdseye Wheaton, 1851 ~

A few months ago I signed up for a crazy 2015 challenge.... Cross Stitch Crazy 2015 is a Facebook group that was set up "for stitchers who want to join the 2015 CrosstitchCrazy Event and for stitchers to just come and talk and share their work as they go along. You do not have to be doing the challenge to be in the group. The first 15 days in January we will start a new pattern, we then have the year to complete all 15 patterns we have chosen."

To make matters worse, or easier (not sure which), I have also joined a couple of other Facebook groups as well:

Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015) - this group was set up after So-Cal Debbie passed away as a way to remember Debbie and her crazy stitching plans!  The plan is to start 31 or 59 projects.... (ie a project a day for January and/or February 2015)  Well, those numbers are probably a little bit too ambitious for me so I will be a watcher from the side on this one while I stitch on my 15 starts!!  But then again who knows I may find 31 projects to start in Jan, there are certainly more than that number on my stitching wish list! :o)

15 Miras 15 Days - now this group really calls to me... 15 Mira's to stitch.... how on earth will I do this one!  I do actually have a number of Mira's that I want to stitch, but I don't think I will get to do 15 Mira starts this year let alone 15 new Mira's in January....

So, as you can see I am trying to formulate a plan for my 2015 stitching...
15 starts in January.... 15 Mira's in January.... 31 starts in January....
Yes, I am crazy and no, I really don't think that I will get that many starts going for the whole year let alone in January and February!!  But I am going to give it a try anyway!

The one thing that will hold me back of course is not having enough fabric or threads (of course Hubby will say that I have more than enough of both!!), and time.....  there are never enough hours in my day!

So here is my list for the first 15 starts for January 2015, not necessarily in stitching order and with only 2 Mira's on the list so far:
  1. Moutons de Saisons - printemps - Tralala Collection
  2. Moutons de Saisons - été - Tralala Collection
  3. Autumn Fab Fob - Lizzie Kate
  4. Tiny Tidings XV (I'm on the nice list) - Lizzie Kate
  5. Tiny Tidings XV (feliz navidad) - Lizzie Kate
  6. Tiny Tidings XV (feeling festive) - Lizzie Kate
  7. Tiny Tidings XV (joyeux noel) - Lizzie Kate
  8. Eek - Lizzie Kate
  9. Winter Witch - The Snowflower Diaries
  10. Merry Christmas Deer - The Little Stitcher
  11. Christmas Eve Couriers "Comet" - Nora Corbett
  12. Christmas Eve Couriers "Prancer" - Nora Corbett
  13. Koala - Carrol Nielson
  14. Spring Celebration: Ostara - The Primitive Hare
  15. Sneak Peek (Halloween) - The Trilogy
To help with the 31 starts for January, I have added in some WIP's (which is allowed by the rules of that group)
  1. "Jingles" Flip-It Series SAL - Lizzie Kate
  2. Faces of Joan Elliott SAL - Joan Elliott
  3. Chatelaine Mystery Mini II "C" - Martina Rosenberg
  4. MS Lovers Blog SAL #5 Spring Bouquet - Margaret Sherry
  5. "Witch and Friends" - Donna Giampa
Me thinks that the list above is a work in progress itself as I go through my very neglected stitching basket!

Wish me well, fast needles and heaps of stitching time!

I will be back to let you know how each start goes and then will attempt to keep you posted on a very regular basis!

Til next time, happy stitching,
Hugs, Stitching Noni xx


sharine said...

They sound like great starts. Good luck:)

Linda said...

Great list Noni. I have the LK chart. Happy to have you in my Debbie group.


butterfly said...

Wow good luck .

Lija Broka said...

Good luck! I always wanted to join these January starts myself, but unfortunately will have to pass for another year. Most of my stash is still on the other side of the country following the move. Maybe next year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great list! I am also in the Debbie Challenge, I'm attempting the 31 including WIPs. I haven't seen the 15 Mira challenge, I think I have to watch that one from the sidelines!
Looking forward to following your progress in 2015 especially now you are posting more regularly LOL

Thoeria said...

Oh my, Noni! You are so much braver than me :) I've still got UFOs from the last time I attempted the Crazy January thingie in 2012! I must say though that your list looks very realistic and doable!

Anonymous said...

That is most definitely ambitious, good luck. Happy Stitching.

Emma/Itzy said...

Looking like a great list, I have been working on mine today also :)

Lesley said...

I am worn out just readng your list lol.
Looking forward to you progress on each and every one.
Happy New Year :)

LKICT said...

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Annette said...

omg.. what will you all be doing this year...
It will be a fun year I can see it!!
I also needto finsih Jingles!!
the last part