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Sunday, May 4, 2014

"May the Fourth Be With You!"

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Hello again!  It is the 4th May... and today it would have been Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday.  She is one of my favourite all-time actresses, so when I saw that Google was mentioning her birthday day I decided to also mention it!

In our little humble home, the 4th May is a very special day as well.  Today would have been the 100th birthday of Hubby's late father.  Can you imagine what changes he would have experienced if he was still alive today?  Today is also the anniversary of Hubby's parent's wedding... and it is our Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday... so with three such special events all so close together we thought we might just go out to lunch today!

Oh, and of course it is also Star Wars day - "May the fourth be with you"!!!

So this is a very quick post to show you where I am at with "Jingles" and "Spring Bouquet."

Spring Bouquet - MS Blog Lovers SAL #5

Margaret Sherry - Spring Bouquet as at 2/5/2014
After a week of stitching this is where I am currently at with "Spring Bouquet".  I am absolutely loving this design.  The purple and pink hues are so pretty.  And I am sure you have noticed, if you know the design, that I am stitching all around the white at this stage!!!

This one is now off the q-snaps for the weekend and "Jingles" is back on them and feeling the love of my needle!

Lizzie Kate's Jingles - SAL with Rita, Annette, Nia

Lizzie Kate - Jingles as at 3/5/2014
I started stitching "Ho Ho Ho Holiday" yesterday afternoon and I am about half way through already! What a quick stitch this one is looking like being!   Will be doing a wee bit more on this tonight and I will finish the design before going back to Spring Bouquet.

So that's it for a very quick update on this week's stitching.  Hopefully there will be some more pretty colours to show next week!

Til next time, happy stitching and "may the fourth be with you"!

Hugs, Stitching Noni xx


sharine said...

Happy Anniversary! Nice stitching:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary ♥ lovely stitching

Brigitte said...

Definitely a good day to go out for lunch. Happy anniversary!
Two great WIPs you are stitching on.

Annette said...

Congratz on all the anniversary's, I read about it on DH fb.
Hope you had a great Lunch!!

Thanks for the Heads up of Starwars day.. hihi This time I had something to tell.. lol
As here are many starwars lovers

Your Spring Bouquet looks so cute!!!
Great job!!

Good start on the Jingles, you will keep up soon I see.. I will stitch a few xxx-es tonight.. Many crochet pieces are on my table right now!!

Have a great Sunday

Vickie said...

May the Fourth be with you Noni!!
My, what a lot of special days! Enjoy lunch.:)

Catherine said...

So many special days for you!

Lesley said...

Lovely stitching and special anniversaries to celebrate.
"may the fourth be with you" :D

cucki said...

Ww so many special days for you :)
Sweet stitching..
Hugs x

stitchersanon said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely stitching xx

Valma said...

...and with you sweetie ;)
The force was with Hubby yesterday as he was at a competition of his figures paintings and he won a medal :D
All those anniversaries....Happy wedding Anniversary to Mark & You.. you definitely had to celebrate ;)
My Grandmother will turn 92 in August and you're right...so many changes during all those years ! (even if now she can't remember or realise everything !)
great job on your stitchings ...
big big hugs

Kaisievic said...

Happy anniversary - it is ours this Thursday - 32 years! Lovely stitching, as always.

Thoeria said...

Happy Anniversary Noni :)

Lovely stitching!

Annette-California said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your MS - Spring Bouquet, its so pretty already.
I need to look up that chart. Lovely stitching progress. SAL's are so much fun. love Annette

♥ Nia said...

Who doesn't love Audrey? =)
Great start on your Msherry SAL! And Jingles is looking great :D I need to start mine ASAP :p

Rita said...

Hello my dear!! Where are you?? lol :p I already updated Jingles (i puted this update from you), but when you do it on your blog, i will update on my too, don't worry!!
Its doing great your Jingles! ;)
And your SAL too!! Great job;)

Happy delay birthday! really were 3 special dates!! I hope you had a great celebration!!:))

Love those sentences from Audrey...very true! :)

Kaisievic said...

Meant to tell you that in Melbourne here on the 4th of May, they had Storm Troopers at the footy! lol!