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Monday, April 1, 2013

April... surely not....

Wow, can you believe it - it is April already... and as it's the first day of April how many April Fool's jokes have you seen so far today?  I am sure that there will be some good ones out there somewhere!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  We have had a very quiet long weekend... lots of crafting and relaxing... and not a lot else!  Both of us have really needed to just have the time to veg out.  Hubby has been doing some very nice machine embroidery squares and I have been stitching, while Mitzi and the kitties sleep the day away.  The most activity we have had is taking Mitzi out for a walk each morning and trying out her new extended lead.  She loves it - 8m of freedom!!  As yet we haven't taught her to walk off the lead... suspect that she would become very easily distracted and take off... so the new long lead is just what she needs in the park.

Yesterday while I was stitching, Mitzi was as usual lying beside me snoring... then she moved to the other end of the couch and disappeared.  I thought that she had got off the couch but no... she had buried herself in amongst her cushions.

Somewhere in amongst the cushions there is a puppy!!
As I mentioned in my last post I have been stitching the Margaret Sherry "Puppy Love" ... which I am still stitching - no further update though - will leave that for the next post.  While I have been stitching this and the other MS designs for my secret stitching I have been thinking about starting my next Chatelaine.  Have had very itchy fingers for starting one of these!  On Sunday I decided to give in to the urge and started one.  Not a big one - just a little wee one to whet the appetite - CHAT 038 Mini Mandalas II.

photo of A, B & C
I have started the first one in the group of 3 mandalas and I am really enjoying it so far.  I purchased all the correct threads and beads from the European Crosstitch Company as I thought I would I give these different silks ago for the Chatelaines.  So far so good... I have been a good girl and been using Thread Heaven and it does seem to make the threads glide through the fabric.  Might have to use it with my DMC threads as well.  No twisting and knots... love it!!  Once I have stitched these three I will take the plunge and do a larger one.

So do you want to see a photo of where I am at so far?  Of course you do...

WIP Photo - Mini Mandala A
1 April 2013
After a week of stitching I am really pleased with my progress so far.  I will stitch on this some more today and then switch back to "Puppy Love" during the week.

That's it for now... hopefully I will be back again on Friday with an update on both projects.

Have a wonderful Monday and week, til next time, happy stitching


  1. Beautiful stitching. Mitzi is such a cutie:)

  2. Such sweet stitching..
    Mitzi is so sweet..
    Happy Easter x

  3. Those are lovely Mandala's and you've made a great start on no.1 I love the photo of Mitzi:)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend and I love your new start. But please tell me, what is Thread Heaven?

  5. I want to give a Chatelaine a go one day, they are so pretty but like you I think I would start with one of the smaller ones first I make sure I could cope ok! Mitzi looks adorable, my kitten does that all the time with our blankets!

  6. The puppy is so cute! What a great start on your Mandala for only a week of stitching!

  7. Awwwwww I love snuggly puppies! I love the Chatelaines, too! Can't wait until you take the plunge with a big one!

  8. Mischievous Mitzi, hehehehe =D
    she is so cute
    your WIP is amazing, those design are beautiful and you're doing very well =D
    very sweet
    enjoy sweetie
    big hugs

  9. Pretty work!! :) Your first mandala looks very nice :D
    I'm still behind on our SAL.. Shame on me!! LOL I had trouble with my fabric at first and now I just want to finish fat men :p I promise once I start Pupy love again, I will stitch fast!! heheheeh

  10. Mitzi is just adorable, and your new piece is looking great.


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