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Monday, August 13, 2012


How are you all... long time no post for little ole me... but now I'm back.

It is so long since I have done a post that I can't even remember what I haven't told you and have told you all.....

So what have we been doing.. not a lot!
But we did go to Hong Kong for a nice week's holiday at the beginning of August.  How nice was that?!  We had a wonderful time and managed to not get lost on the MTR!  Didn't even spend too much money for a change!  And guess what - I managed to find some crafty stuff in a wedding shop.  No stitching stash, only card making stash - but stash is stash!  Especially as I was able to locate the really long corsage pins that I have been looking for!  These ones have lovely beads on top in red, purple and green.  All ready for me to add my extra little touch!
Corsage pins (lots of corsage pins), iPad covers, small paper flowers,
pin cushions, coin purses and beaded flowers
We found the great Chinese people pin cushions in the Stanley Street markets and bought some - but I never saw them again the whole time we were wandering around!  So next trip to Hong Kong it will be back to Stanley Street to buy some more - I love them and they make such great pressies!

And happy dance - I even managed to stitch on board the plane!  Yes, Security allowed me to take my embroidery needle on the plane, no questions asked... so I stitched all the way there while watching movies and most of the way back home again.  I decided to use the flight as an opportunity to start my Winter "Cool Cat" for the MS Lovers Blog SAL that I am miserably behind in....

MS Cool Cat - Winter
Started and stitched on flight to Hong Kong and return to Perth
The ORT's had their own little bag to travel in, and I even managed to work out how to use the thread cutter that I have had in my sewing basket for many a year.... me being a scissor person just never got the hang of the thread cutter, but out of necessity I have now learnt how to use it properly!

I have managed to get a bit more done on Winter Kitty in the week since being back home, but not a real lot... I came back from holidays with a touch of the flu which has upset my joints and my hands so most evenings I have vegged out on the couch in front of the Olympics!  I did manage to get a card made yesterday but I will leave that creation to the next post.

Now I realised early this week that I didn't do a IHSW report before going away - but I guess when you don't stitch anything you don't have anything to report!  But fingers crossed it will be a different story this weekend...

Before I go I have to leave you with a couple of photos... the first is a photo of one of the "28" parrots that come into our backyard every day.  They used to come and visit our apple trees when we had fruit, but now that the fruit has all finished we have started leaving them apples to eat in a couple of tubs.  The cats love watching the parrots fly down and eat the apples.  A couple of the birds take the apple back up into the tree, others eat them on the lawn or perch in the strawberry bed tank... and this one decided to perch on "Phil's" butt!
"28" enjoying a nice fresh piece of apple
The photo isn't the best as I took it through the kitchen window and hence through the cat netting... but I think you can get the gist of what you are looking at!  Do you see those nasturtiums - they have spread all over the raised area of the backyard - which is great as they are keeping the weeds down!

And finally, what I know you have been waiting for - a new puppy photo.  These photo's were taken the weekend before we went away.  We will be bringing our new little girl home on 1st September at this stage. The final contender for the name this week is "Mitzi".

Isn't she just adorable, and so tiny!

Well me lovelies, it is time for me to sign off and go to bed....
So til next time when I will have a TUSAL update, and hopefully an IHSW update, for you as well, happy stitching!


  1. aww cute mitzi..super sweettttt
    i love your goodies so much..they all so beautiful..
    enjoy your stitching xxx

  2. Sounds like a good holiday. Your new puppy is adorable and I love the name you are thinking of.

  3. Sure sounds Ike you had a wonderful trip!
    What a most adorable puppy picture!! Love the name ~ so sweet!

  4. Wow! Hong Kong! That is awesome! Glad to hear that you had a lovely trip! :) Thanks for sharing your pics with us .. and that puppy is just WAY too cute for words! Swwwweet!


  5. heeeeeey, so happy to see you back around here =)
    and very happy to learn you had a god trip, even if you caught a little flue :-/
    hope you feel better now
    and that's so great you could stitched in the plane. what can we do bad with a needle ? can't wait to see your winter cat
    and the goodies you brought back are all beautiful =D
    Mitzi is adorable, you should be impatient to be September the 1st =D
    Big hugs sweetie

  6. Welcome back! I am glad to see you after good vacation. Congratulate with new useful things. Also I hope you feel better now and will show to us many new terrific works. Good start of new picture and adorable & so cute puppy!

  7. Lovely Pictures, I bet you had a blast in Hong Kong..Take care!


  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! soooooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!
    I'm melting over here!!! hahahaah :D cuteness overload =))
    How can you stich now? I think you will be playing with Mitzi all time :D hehehehe

    Great!! You had the chance to stitch on the place :D
    In a wedding store? No cross stitch stores? Nothing? LOL
    Nice start! I have to stitch my third cat but there's still time ;) heheheh doing so many things these days! :p

  9. That puppy is so cute! Don't you love Hong Kong? I have been there twice and loved it so much.


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