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Monday, March 5, 2012

Giveaway Thank You's

Hello again!

Just a quick drive by to say hi and also to say a very big Thank You to Nancy and Mary Joan for their great giveaways that I won.  Both parcels arrived in the mail on Friday.

Now lets have a look-see at what sweet stash additions I won...

1. Nancy at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has these amazing giveaways and I was lucky enough to win one of them.  The giveaway prize was some gorgeous hand dyed flosses.  Stunning colours!  I love the oranges and purples, well love them all really!  I now have to try and find just the right design to stitch so that I can use these lovely threads.  Thank you Nancy!
Floss giveaway from Nancy - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe
 2. Mary Joan at Mary Joan Stitching recently had a giveaway of some of her charts.  These lovely charts also arrived on Friday in the mail.  Wonderful addition to my stash of charts!  I'm sure that I will find just the occasion to stitch from these - especially the cute Christmas ones!  Mary Joan also stitched a lovely hardanger card as well.  It is just lovely!  Thank you Mary Joan!
Chart giveway from Mary Joan and the lovely hardanger card she stitched and included in the parcel
Thank you ladies - both giveaway prizes are fantastic and I feel very lucky to have been the lucky recipient of them both.

Before I go a bit of blog maintenance...

There has been lots of chatter on blogs lately about the new word verifications and how hard they are to read.  I have to agree with that especially when I am reading blogs on my iPhone.  I often give up trying to leave comments as the words are just too hard to decipher!  I have now taken word verification off my blog as well - at least I hope I have!!  I did start to have a play with Bloggers new interface format but as I couldn't find the setting to turn off word verification I have now gone back to the original interface format.  I think I will stay using the old interface format now.... it is much better and I can find my way around so much easier!!

Welcome to my new Followers!  It is lovely to meet you and I look forward to catching up with your news as I wander around the Blogosphere!

I have also been reading that Google followers is possibly going to disappear at some point as well....  Most of the time it doesn't seem to work on my blog and at the moment the only place I can see my Followers is on the laptop - any other computer that I use just won't show them!  I have now found another "Followers" widget called "Linky Followers" which I have decided to give a go.  It is a free "Follower" system and hopefully it will work and stay around!!  I have seen a couple of bloggers already using the system for their followers... now I just have to go back to their blogs and follow them through Linky!  If you get a moment and would like to also follow my blog through "Linky" please do so.  I will leave both systems in place until Google Followers disappears.... which may yet be a long way off!

Blog maintenance issues over and put away til next time!  I will leave you with a lovely comment from my 6 year nephew!

6 year old to his Father: "Dad, when I grow up I want to be just like Poppy."
Father to 6 yo: "Why's that son?"
6 year old to his Father: "Because I want to be able to take my teeth out and hold them in my hand while I clean them!"

Out of the mouths of babes!

Til next time, happy stitching


Catherine said...

Great goodies! Congrats on the wins!

Joysze said...

Congrats on the wins, Noni ad LOL at what your nephew said!!

♥ Nia said...

Uhu!! Congrats on your wins :D
Google followers to disappear?! I haven't heard about that.. I still use the old blogger interface, it's one of those things that were updated to worst :p LOL! I'm sticking with the old ;)

♥ Nia said...

Sweetie, about google followers, I think that will only disappear for non-bloggers. All blogspot blogs will continue as usual, but if you're following typepad or others, those will disappear from the blogger panel.
Have you ever tried Google reader? That's how I managed all blogs I follow (by blogger and by RSS feeds) and it's easier to keep on track of new posts ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What lovely winnings, congratulations!
I agree with Nia, I'd heard it's only non-google people that will be affected. I also use Google Reader to manage my blogs. You can easily see when you've read a post or you can see all recent posts by one person.
If you want to come back to a post and comment later (or show your son pics of cute cats!) then you can mark it as "unread" and it stays on top.

Anne said...

Lovely winnings you received! Can't wait to see you start stitching some of those prizes! Isn't Nancy lovely!!

Haven't heard about the follower thingy. I hope we won't be affected!

Thoeria said...

Super winnings definitely! Those threads look divine :)