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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anyone for tennis?

So what do you get when you have a spare couple of tennis balls lying around the house and two bored cats!  Well, according to the "Law of Felix and Oscar" - you get a whole lot of fun.... but don't let Daisy Dog see them!

Last night Felix and Oscar were moping around while I was doing the dishes - Daisy Dog was sound asleep somewhere.  On the kitchen bench was a packet of three tennis balls that we bought for Daisy but as yet hadn't opened.  So me being me thought - "wonder what the cats would do if I gave them a tennis ball to play with?" 
Felix took to the ball straight away.... Oscar had a little play and then preferred to watch his brother have all the fun.  But then that is Oscar all over... he is just too grown up to play like a kitten!  Felix played with the ball for over an hour - think he has a new "Precious".  That is until Daisy finds the balls and then they will not be around for much longer....

So enough of my crazy cats and their tennis balls....

It must be about time to give you a bit of a stitching update.....

Have been stitching on the "Winnie the Pooh & Friends" quilt square for the last week or so.  I am really pleased with how quickly this is coming along.  It is a really nice design to stitch.  The design was in Anchor threads so I have had to convert to DMC, but I think I managed to get the crucial "Pooh" colour right.  Eeyore is a blue colour which looks about right as well!

Eeyore & Friends design
World of Cross Stitching, Issue 170
My aim is to have this finished by the end of the week and then I can finish off my "February" MS Cat and start my "March" cat.

Margaret Sherry Culinary Cats
MSherry Lovers Blog SAL
February's cat is almost finished - just need to do his feet and tail and then the backstitch....

So that's it for this very quick post....

Til next time


  1. I'm happy to see your kitty got some playtime in with the ball while Daisy was sleeping! Your Pooh is looking great and so is your MS cat. Are you doing 12 in all for every month? Then stitch all together as a quilt?

  2. Great idea with the tennis balls, I think I'll have to look for one for Ming & Max to play with.
    Pooh & Friends looks so cute, how could they not?!
    Your cat looks great! I'm almost finished with my 1st cat, just a little bit behind. Not sure what my 2nd one will be...

  3. LOL at the 'kids'. They're adorable.

    Pooh is looking so cute, as it the February cat. Can't wait to see them finished. :D

  4. Discovered your blog from the Facebook comment on Crazy.
    Your kitties are so cute!Great pictures of them.
    Love the Margaret Sherry design, she does some wondeful things. Looking forward to seeing February cat finished!

  5. Margaret Sherry designs are awesome arent they. I have a few in my stash :)


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