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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilts 4 Kids

I recently discovered this very worthwhile charity that supplies stitched quilts to sick kids around Australia.  The way I found them was via a blog that I read (The Twisted Stitcher).  Vonna had mentioned on her blog that she was stitching a quilt block for the Love Quilts programme in the US.  So me, being the sticky beak that I am, had a look at the website, and while nosing around I discovered the link to the Australian version - Quilts 4 Kids

Basically the idea is that stitchers sign up to cross stitch a theme square (30cm x 30cm) for the child and then send it to Quilts 4 Kids for making up into quilts to be given to the registered sick children.  The designs that have been stitched are really gorgeous and the quilters do a fantastic job of finishing them and really showing off the stitched squares.  And what a great thing to do for sick kids.  There are some photos on the website of the kids with their finished quilts.  It is amazing to see the number of quilts that have been completed since the group started in 2005.

At the time of my first visit to the Quilts 4 Kids website all the quilts had closed for 2010 and the 2011 children were yet to be listed.

So I waited and checked back a couple of times and then just recently Linde uploaded the 2011 kids.  There are 7 sick kids that the group are making quilts for this year.  I have signed up to stitch for 3 of them, Anakin, Sarah and Alexis.  Each quilt has a due date, and if I can get my fingers stitching quickly enough I would like to try and sign up for a fourth one.  But I do know my stitching limitations, and I just hope that I haven't already bitten off more than I can  chew.... or rather stitch!

So what am I stitching....

Anakin G - Anakin's theme is trains.  So I searched through my old magazines and found a Thomas the Tank Engine design to stitch for Anakin.  The design comes from the UK Cross Stitcher magazine, issue April 2002.  This square is due on 28th Feb, so that gives me just under 2 months to stitch and send.  I started this one yesterday while watching the cricket!

Sarah I - Sarah's theme is butterflies.  I knew that I just had the perfect pattern for this one.  It is an old freebie DMC chart that I sent away for years ago and is called "Wings".  It is a beautiful coloured butterfly with pink flowers.  That square is due on 30th March.

Alexis W - Alexis' theme is the Winnie the Pooh characters.  Well, I do just happen to have one or two Winnie the Pooh patterns, however before I had even had the chance to sift through all my old magazines, books and my stash, the perfect pattern appeared in the latest World of Cross Stitching mag (issue 170) that I bought.  It is a design of Pooh, Eeyeore and Piglet on a Christmas sled.  Just perfect!!  This square is due on 15th April.

So as you can see I have a bit of stitching to do over the next four months!  If I can get a good head start on the first two then I might sign up for a fourth square... but let's not be too ambitious to start with - three squares are probably more than enough for me to handle!!!

So it looks like "Buddha and Bonsai" is on the back burner again.... although I think I might have to spend an hour or so every couple of weeks on it just so that I can get it finished in 2011!

I will post a WIP photo of Thomas in the next couple of days.  So far I have made quite a good start on him and fingers crossed with the next week off from work on holidays I can get him almost finished!

Choo Choo til next time,


Mark said...

"I can stitch this, I can stitch this, I can stitch this........."said the little Noni engine as she struggled up the hill!

Joysze said...

This is so awesome Noni, that you're sharing your stitching talent with those kids.