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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stitch Maynia 2018 (Starts 1-7)

Image from Princess Sassy Pants website
It has begun!  The craziness that is Stitch Maynia 2018 is up and running! 

If you have been hearing, or seeing, all the recent references to Stitch Maynia around the social media world, but don't actually know what Stitch Maynia is about.... below is my brief description....

Back in 2015 a group of stitchers decided to give themselves a challenge and do 15 starts in 15 days in the month of May.  Now this sounded like a manic type of thing to do hence the challenge was called "Stitch Mania" with Mania being spelt with a "y" to denote the month of May!  A Facebook group was born out of the original challenge and this year the challenge just seems to have completely exploded!  A link to the Stitch Maynia Facebook Group is linked here.  The group has over 10,000 people in it now and it is just the most fun place to go to see beautiful stitching*** 

This year my Stitch Maynia plan is to try and do 18 starts in 18 days for 2018 and then spend the rest of the month of May focusing on one or two WIPs (that part is still to be decided about!)

So hold onto your hats... take a seat, grab a cuppa and enjoy the show!

Start 1/18 - 1st May 2018
Start #29/2018
Awareness Ribbon Sampler
Ink Circles
Fabric: 32ct Belfast - studio sessions piece / Colour Cascade Fabrics
Thread: Jodyri "Perfect Purple" / DMC
Source: Free chart - 2006 Complimentary Chart Book (Free goodies - Ink Circles website)
Notes:  I am stitching this in purples for Fibro Awareness as a SAL with the Fibro Stitchers FB Group

Start 2/18 - 2nd May 2018
Start #30/2018
American Pie
Mill Hill Kit
Fabric: 14ct perforated paper
Thread: DMC kit threads

Start 3/18 - 3rd May 2018
Start #31/2018
Cookie Bear
Gill Cooper
Fabric: 14ct Aida
Thread: DMC kit threads
Source: Free gift - World of Cross Stitching Magazine Issue #265

Start 4/18 - 5th May 2018
Start #32/2018
Boo Club - Eek
Lizzie Kate
Fabric: 28ct Lugana "Wicked Garden" / Colour Cascade Fabrics
Thread: DMC & WDW, Classic Colourworks as charted

(NB: as you can see I still have the "Spider" block and more border to complete from last month before I can say I am up to date on this one!)

Start 5/18 - 5th May 2018
Start #33/2018
Lesson #1 Summer Schoolhouse Series
With Thy Needle & Thread
Fabric: 28ct Lugana "Mushroom"
Thread: Classic Colourworks/Weeks Dye Works as charted
Notes: stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct

Starts 4 & 5 were both started on Saturday 5th May as we were out on Friday 4th and I didn't end up getting any stitching time in other than 15 mins to stitch a tiny bit more of the spider web on Boo Club so that I could start "Eek".  I then spent way too much time on "Eek" o Saturday afternoon which meant that "Lesson 1" only got a light touch when we got back from dinner on Saturday night.... busy social weekend in our house - for a change!

Start 6/18 - 6th May 2018
Start #34/2018
Forest Snowfall
Country Cottage Needleworks
Fabric: 28ct Opal Brittney "November Rain" 2017 Limited Edition / Jodyri Designs
Thread:  DMC & Classic Colourworks as charted
Other SALs: #pcforestsnowfallsal with Chelsea & Priscilla

Start 7/18 - 7th May 2018
Start #35/2018
Temple View
Maia Kit
Fabric: 18ct Aida (kit fabric)
Thread:  Anchor (kit thread)

I have had this kit (and it's sister kit "Pagoda View") in my stash for quite some time... I even did a post about it when I received it from the UK in 2010!

So that's Week 1 of "Stitch Maynia"  done and dusted.... 11 more starts to come to achieve 100% for this challenge - I am pretty sure that I can manage that 😉  The next phase of the challenge I am combining with another Stitch Maynia group SAL celebrating Katy "The Stash Queen's" birthday, which means I there should, hopefully, be some method to my madness! Or not!! 😁

Til next time, happy Stitch Maynia and happy stitching
Hugs xx

*** Stitch Maynia FB Group Disclaimer... they do allow adult stitching type content so be aware that there is the occasional subversive post in the group! Most of us just scroll on by, or block the poster, if we don't wish to see that sort of stitching.


Irene said...

wow, quanti bei progetti!!

Maria said...

Hi Noni,
It looks like when you are a cross stitcher you also have lots of UFO like us patchworkers...
Are you going to the Craft show this year?

Linda said...

Love all of your new start Noni.


Justine said...

What a great collection of designs you've chosen to stitch! I joined the Stitch Maynia group recently but have left due to what appeared to me to be a spot of online bullying! I love the idea of all those stitchers going mad in May though.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful choices and starts! I'm doing a WIP Maynia. :)

Rhona said...

You have so many beautiful projects!

Katie said...

Beautiful new starts. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Rachel said...

A good selection of new starts there... now to see what you've got planned for week two! :)

Cathy said...

I love your Maynia choices. I've already stitched the pie.

Julie said...

I like your purple version of the Awareness Ribbon Sampler.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful, Noni, my favourite is definitely Start 5: Lesson #1. Well done on tackling the challenge.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wonderful start to the starts! I'm doing my Just Nan-a-thon because I really don't need any more large starts!