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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2017

Graphic from Princess Sassy Pants & Co website

Today is 31st October... and it's Halloween..... 
As you know (or may not know), Jo (Serendipitous Stitching) is hosting her annual Hallowe'en Blog Hop!

This blog hop is no different to any of the others that Jo does - all you need to do is visit each of the participating blogs in order (full list is on Jo's blog), jot down the letter displayed, then return to Jo's blog post at the end of the blog hop and leave a comment telling Jo the mystery word/phrase.

Now for my part of the blog hop.....  I need to show you something that I have stitched for Halloween (either new or old) and leave you with my letter of the mystery phrase.  So here goes!

This year my only Halloween stitching has been on Halloween Happiness, so you probably don't want to see that one again! Here's something I prepared earlier!!

"Eek" Lizzie Kate - stitched in 2015
"Trick or Treat" Pickle Barrel Designs - stitched in 2016
and now for my letter....

Ok.... its all up to you now - write down the letter "N" and hop on over to the next stop.... and say hi to Tiff. 👀😃

That's it from me..... til next time...
Happy Spooky Stitching
Hugs xx


  1. It's 7.10 am, ready to go to work but tempted a lot to stay and play with Jo's Blog Hop! So I already collect a N! I'll keep it safe till I'll got some free time to hop around blogs. Have a nice day and Happy Halloween to you! Love all the pics you posted. Hugs xxx

  2. Thanks for the letter.
    Nice Halloween stitching.

  3. Lovely stitching, Thanks for the letter

  4. Oh No. I don't want to be toad. So I will say "cute stitching" and "Happy Halloween!" and move on along.

  5. Lovely Halloween decorations and stitching! Thanks for the letter too. :)

  6. Thanks for taking part in the Hallowe'en Hop this year.
    I posted Hallowe'en Happiness myself LOL It's a great design, but so is the L*K and the Pickle Barrel you've shared.
    And the spooky meerkat sculpture, well known for their affinity with Dark Magic and Hallowe'en!

  7. Thank you for the letter.
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Halloween Happiness is always nice to see, it's such a great design. But your LK Eeek! and the trick or treat spider are so cute.

  9. Pickle Barrel is a great name. Your display is awesome too; those are some festive meercats LOL.

    Happy Halloween and thanks for the letter~

  10. Great Halloween pictures and stitching. And on it goes to the next blog.

  11. Back again, finishing my Halloween tour, thank you for giving the link to Princess Sassy Pants, love it a lot! Hugs.

  12. Both cute stitches, love the spider!

  13. Love Lizzie Kate patterns!AriadnefromGreece!

  14. I'm here collecting letters. Love your Halloween stitching. Both new and older. Thanks for sharing. Now I'm off to finish the letters.

  15. Nice Halloween stitching. Thanks for the letter.

  16. Great Hallowe’en stitching:)

  17. great Halloween stitcheries, love the spider.


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