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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Red & Black

Another Saturday in September and another new start.... I think I have September Start-itis!

This week's start was "Eiffel Quaker" by Jardin Privé.  I have been wanting to start this one for ages... it has seriously been burning a hole in my stash pile!
Eiffel Quaker - Jardin Prive
123 Stitch image
So on Saturday I decided to start it... now originally my plan for this piece was all about Coco Chanel. I am a Chanel girl, perfume wise anyway (Coco is my perfume!!), so I thought that I could use a variation on a theme for the Eiffel Quaker. Subtle but glamorous!  I picked out the perfect fabric - Pink Champagne by Colour Cascade Fabrics - opal with pink and grey mottling...
web image
I was channeling the little Pink Coco Chanel suit for this one - so the plan was to use Jodyri Designs threads of the pink and grey/black variety especially the one called "Parisian Chic".

But... someone decided to put a spanner in the wheels of my plan!

Hubby came into the craft room while I was pulling the threads and getting ready to kit up and asked what I was doing... I showed him and he was like no.... wrong fabric, wrong threads! 😒

What the... NO.. right fabric, right threads!!

He then disappeared and come back with my V&A Marie Antoinette cushion and said Versailles!  So we got out the book we bought when we went to Versailles a couple of years ago and drooled over all the opulence of that most glorious place for some inspiration.... (note: I should add that we are both addicted to the TV series Versailles!)

Image from Chateau De Versailles website
Into the fabric stash I went... luckily I had a piece of antique ivory linen (32ct) that would work... then we started to do the thread picking.

Of course hubby then said "No, wait! I have a better idea!...what about using the Les Miserables song "Red & Black" as inspiration".  Yes, that could work!

Ok.... now for the purists amongst us the Eiffel Tower wasn't built til 1889 and Les Mis is set between 1815 & 1832... but there is a hint of romance throughout the Les Mis story and romance is synonymous with Paris and the Eiffel Tower! And, the Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the French Revolution... So we are drawing a slightly long bow with this one...

Anyway enough rabbit trails... on with the story...
So now we have gone from glamorous and chic, to opulence and over-indulgence and then to a story about poverty, romance and the French spirit!

I decided to keep the fabric the same - plain and simple background... but it was out with the floss box again - Jodyri Designs were put back into their box as they are too highly variegated for this new idea.... DMC black came out of the box... then I remembered that I had a WDW Liberty left over from stitching the L*K Paw Prints design.... bright red!

So the red and the black are sorted.... what next...
How about some blue for the third colour and some white for accents - blue, white and red to signify the French Tricolour flag maybe?

The WDW Sky is a nice light to medium blue variation - not too dark, and then B5200 for the white accents for some extra brightness.  I did think about a darker blue but I didn't want the blue and black to be too similar.

I am still thinking of adding a tiny bit of gold here and there for the opulence and glamour of Paris but that's a long way off yet!  For the time being my little bit of glamour is the pink glitzy poodle needle minder!  I do have an Eiffel Tower needle minder on another project which I will find and add to this one next time.... always good to try and be matchy matchy!! 😏

I managed to get a good start on the first motif over the weekend.
I am loving the look of this so far.... It is going to be hard to not pick this up again tonight and continue on with the first motif!  Maybe I might adjust my rotation slightly for this week so that I can finish that motif!

So that's 2 starts for September so far.... there are 3 more weekends to come and I have at least one more start planned so I may be back next Monday again!

I must remember to take some progress photo's of my other WIPs as well.... oh well... that's for another day!

Til next time. happy stitching!
Hugs xx


Justine said...

Oh that's lovely. Hope you decide to finish the motif before moving on. How nice that your husband is involved with your crafting too!

Bikegirl said...

Wow that's going to look amazing! Sounds like your husband needs to be a cross stitch consultant...for when we can't decide what fabric or threads to use!

stitchersanon said...

Wonderful hubby! I'm a no.5 gal myself lol

Vickie said...

Oh I think this will be lovely. You do know I would have gone with YOUR choice though. I am pink through and through. ALWAYS!! Love the poodle! 🐩

Linda said...

Great new start Noni and I love the colors you chose. How awesome that your husband helps you kit it up.


Katie said...

Love the story of picking the threads and stuff out. My hubby is the same way. He loves helping me. Your choices sure look great to me. Enjoy your new start.

Anthea said...

oohhh this is going to be a darling piece Leonie! Love the back-story; I can just imagine M giving his ideas to you!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I was thinking of Vickie too! But I do love the final choices. How nice to have a husband who joins in with your hobby.

Brigitte said...

Sometimes I'd love to have such great helper by my side when it comes to choosing fabric colours and thread colours. I love your and your husband's choice very much, this will be a gorgeous piece.

Astrids dragon said...

Lucky you to have help from your husband, he did a great job! My DH may admire what I'm stitching, but really offers no input or help.
It's a wonderful start, the colours are nice and bright.

OhSewCrafty said...

Love the colors you ultimately picked! How kind of your hubby to help inspire you. He's a keeper!

Bethan said...

I love that your husband was involved with the design choices. I think the choice is looking so great so far! x

Julie said...

Great choices you both made, it does look super.