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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness May 2017

Guess what.... Finally I have some GG stitching to show you!! But first up let me show you an exchange gift that I received in the mail last month (after I posted my GG post).

Recently Kaye (Kitten Stitching) organised an Easter exchange, which I joined.  You have seen the card I stitched for the exchange.  Unfortunately my exchange package was a bit slow getting down under...   I suspect that with all the public holidays (Easter and Anzac Day) that we had in April the mailman decided to go on a bit of a slowdown! But it did finally arrive and was definitely worth the wait!! :o)

My exchange sending partner was Tiff (Tiffstitches A Blog).  Below is a pic of what Tiff sent me....
Was I spoilt or was I spoilt??  I love the card she stitched for me.  Also in the package was the lovely "Dream Big" chart from CCN, some gorgeous fabby from Chromatic Alchemy and all of those naughty chocolates!  Unfortunately the choc bunny had an accident on the way and didn't survive the journey... and the yummy maple bunny was so distraught at not making it in time for Easter that he lost his head!  Thanks Tiff - I love my package of goodies and I can confirm that there is no yummy goodies left now!

So that was my lovely gift story... now onto the stitching story....

Since Tiff was so lovely to send me such a gorgeous chart I just had to start it for Stitch Maynia on 1 May!
I didn't have all the called for over-dyed threads but I have substituted with Jodyri Threads for the sun, carrot and rabbit - I think they will work.  The other threads are DMC, which I had in my stash as well.  As luck would have it.. my Jodryi April Mystery fabric arrived around the same time so I decided to stitch it on that fabric - the name is very appropriate for the feel of the chart!  It was destined to be started in May :o)

New Start
"Dream Big" - Country Cottage Needleworks
Started: 1 May 2017
Fabric: "Dawn of Spring" Jodyri Designs
Threads: DMC & Jodyri Designs
And so it was started... albeit a very little start! Thanks Tiff - I love this cute design :o)  I have plans for the Chromatic Alchemy fabric for a new start later this month so stay tuned for next month's GG post to see what I have picked for that new start!

New Start
Eightsome Reel - Papillon Creations
Started: 6 May 2017
Fabric: 28ct green/brown linen (stash)
Threads: Jodryi Designs

Last month I told you about the chart that I was gifted from a fellow "Stitch from Stash" stitcher. Well ... I started it for Stitch Maynia as well...
The Jodyri Designs colours that I am using so far are: Beetle Shell (small blue & black motif); Argentine Tango (large motif) and Nevermore (the rabbit).  I have also pulled out Flamenco which is another pink and black thread for the alternate large motifs.  I really enjoyed stitching this one the other day so I think I will have to give it some more love again soon!

New Start
Free Mystery SAL - Linen & Threads (Part 1 - Jan)
Started: 7 May 2017
Fabric: 14ct white Aida (stash)
Threads: Jodyri Designs

As this is a free design it qualifies for the GG post....
Note though I did start this one back in April and attempted to do it 1 over 1 on 28 ct fabric but didn't like it... so I re-started it again on some 14ct Aida that I had in my stash.  Not my preferred choice but I was so keen to start it that I just decided that it would work no matter what!!!
I am using all Jodyri Designs threads in this project.  The main part for January is being stitched in "Hocus Pocus" and the bird (which I have just started) is being stitched in "Robin Red Breast'.  I am really pleased to have finally started this... hopefully now that I have chosen to do it on white the colours will really pop off the fabric!

New Start
Dogs Leave Paw Prints - Lizzie Kate
Started: 14 May 2017
Fabric: 28ct Jubilee "Sugar Cane Crunch" - Stitches & Spice
Threads: Weeks Dye Works
I bought this chart when my sister's Golden Retriever  (Rosy) passed away in October 2016 with the plan to stitch it for her and the family as a gift to remember Rosy.  Rosy died a couple of days after my sister's wedding anniversary and a few days after my brother-in-law had been told that there was another cancerous growth in his lung (after being 10 years cancer free).  Rosy had been staying with my parents and wasn't eating much and a bit slower than normal (she didn't seem particularly unwell though)... at least not until the night the family got home.  The next day she passed away at the Vets.  Unfortunately my sister wasn't with her as the Vet didn't know she was going to die that day - she was only in for observation!  At the autopsy they discovered that she also had lung cancer and the cancer had spread to her heart...  it was like she was waiting for them to come home before she went to the Rainbow Bridge...  It has been a struggle to start this piece as Rosy's passing reminds me of Daisy's passing - they were puppies at the same time and they always had such a wonderful time playing whenever they got a chance to spend some time together.... I think that I will end up stitching this one a second time for us....

So that's it for this huge GG post... I have certainly made up for the lack of GG stitching over the last few months, haven't I?

Have a great week... and

Til next time, happy stitching
Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  The GG SAL is about stitching charts/kits or using fabrics & threads that we have received as gifts, won in giveaways or anything that is intended be a gift or giveaway prize... or anything else that you can loosely use the word "gift" for!!  If you wish to sign up for this SAL, click on link here, or the button on my sidebar and you will be re-directed to Jo's blog.


Christine said...

What a lovely exchange gift.
All your new starts are beautiful

cucki said...

Love all your exchange gifts
And your stitching is so beautiful
Love and smiles x

Linda said...

Love all of your new starts Noni.


Lesley said...

Lovely exchange gift from Tiff and I like your new starts especially Big Dream:)

Beth in IL said...

Love all your work!

deb said...

You've worked on a lot this time, and all of your stitching looks so nice! I just love that Think Big design - so sweet. And the Linen and Threads SAL - so much fun to see how different it looks in everybody's varied color selections.

Anthea said...

You sure have been stitching up a storm Leonie!
That Dream Big design is super-cute, what a lovely gift package to receive.

Preeti said...

Lovely gifts from Tiffany ! All your new starts are beautiful :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month, don't forget to link up!
We should call it JGG because of all the gorgeous Jodyri threads in your projects! Love pink/purple around the rabbit. A very "Cheshire" colour to me!

Kerryp77 said...

A lovely exchange and fabulous starts too. I love the linen and threads sal. I really want to start that

Julie said...

What a lot in this GG post. Lots of brightly colours Jodyri threads.

Mini said...

Such lovley gifts from Tiffany and how appropriate to start the chart she sent for GG . All you new starts are beautiful, you are putting your stash of hand dyed threads to good use.

FlashinScissors said...

Great gifts from Tiffany, and lovely new starts. You have a lot of happy stitching ahead!
Barbara x

Kaisievic said...

Wow, Noni! So many great new starts and such lovely exchange packages, too - so glad that you enjoyed the Easter exchange. hugs, Kaye xxxx

Astrids dragon said...

You received great things from Tiff! She stitched an adorable piece and I love what she sent you to stitch!
The two you started look good so far, beautiful, bright colours.
Such a lovely thing to stitch to remember Rosie and Daisy by.