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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Progress Update - February 2017

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Hi there!  I thought I would do a quick post to show you some of the other things that I stitched on during February.  You have seen some of the February stitching already in the Smalls and WIPocalypse posts, but there were also some others that got a little bit of love...

New starts (and there were a couple!) and WIP progress

Dragon Birthstone SAL - Ingleside Imaginarium
Started February (Amethyst Dragon)
Also stitched some more on the January Garnet Dragon

Lakeside Fantasy SAL - Durene Jones
Started February (Mermaid)
As you can see not a lot happening with this... I need to get stitching and finish off December, January and February... and start March!

Cross Stitch, It's Fun / Stitchwats - Weekly Challenge - Meliciously Happy
7 Starts in 7 Days - minimum of 50 stitches per start
Each start had a theme around being happy....

Start #1: Garden Boots - Mill Hill Kit

Start #2: Honey Bee Card - Free Gift Cross Stitcher Magazine
Start #4: Happy Easter Card - Free Gift Cross Stitcher Magazine

Start #5: Bumble Bee Card - Free Gift Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

Start #6: Frog Card - Free Gift Cross Stitch Crazy

You may notice that I didn't show you Start #3 and Start #7 from that challenge here... that is because they are both finished and are mentioned in my Smalls Post (Tulip/Spring Card & Pig fridge magnet).

The free kits from the UK cross stitch magazines really come in handy for these types of challenges!

Dog Park - Satsuma Street
10 A Day Project (FB Group)
When I last showed you this one it looked like this (top middle pic in the collage):

It now looks like this.... for the most part I am sticking to the 10 stitches a day... but every now again I will do 11 or 12 if I need to finish a section or a thread.  I got a little bit bored stitching yellow and moved over to the blue and green tree.

So that's it for this progress report.... March has begun and there will be lots more stitching to come I'm sure!

Til next time, happy stitching ;o)


Linda said...

Awesome progress on all of your WIP's Noni. Love all of your new starts.


Clare - Aimetu said...

Great stitching, I love your garden boots. I have lots of free cards that I should stitch. I've either stitched or have to stitch the Easter rabbits !

Lesley said...

Lovely stitching.Love your dragon and I like the Lakeside Fantasy piece.

Julie said...

Lakeside Fantasy is very colourful

Katie said...

Fantastic stitching! Good luck with your March projects!!

Beth in IL said...

You are very busy!

Lili said...

Beautiful projects!

Justine said...

What a lovely update. I love the sound of the Happy SAL and you chose some pretty projects to start.

Mii Stitch said...

The fantasy SAL looks adorable and must be great fun to stitch :)

♥ Nia said...

Great work sweetie :D
Here something fun: now I read your posts in a totally different way! I can hear your voice in my mind while I read :D so fun! It's because now I know your voice from the flosstube heheheheh :D
Lakeside Fantasy still my favorite ;)

Brigitte said...

Everything is so lovely, Leonie. Particularly your new starts. I love to visit stitching blogs whose owners have just the same passion for starting new projects as I do :)))

Kaisievic said...

A+ on your February report card, Noni. Some very cute designs there.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on all your projects. I love the dragons, such a great SAL.
I have so many cover kits too. I really ought to stitch some more of them.
Nice work on the Ten-a-Day project, it's a great choice for the challenge.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Just watched your second video. Yay, shoutout for Jo and GG!
I also watch Kay, love her, and heard her mention you in her Floobies section.
I think you should show more of your older finishes to pad out the videos during slow stitching weeks. You have some lovely FFOs.

Rachel said...

Wonderful progress in February. Good luck for March! :)

Melinda Forbes said...

Wonderful choice of new starts. That sounds like a great SAL Love your blog, hope you are able to continue this blogging, now that you are a star on YouTube. Awesome videos

Heather said...

Pretty choices!