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Monday, January 23, 2017

January New Starts... so far...

I thought I would give you a bit of an update on on my 2017 new starts so far... yes, there are one or two of them already!!

Halloween Happiness - Sandra Cozzolino/Imaginating
This is my year long Halloween Ornie Blog piece.  The plan is to stitch a part of the design each month to tie in with the monthly theme on the blog.
Started: 1 January 2017
Also stitched a bit more on 13 January as it was Friday 13th!

Fabric & threads: 28ct fabric from stash and DMC threads

Dressmaker's Daughter - Nora Corbett
Started: 1 January 2017
Fabric: Colour Cascade Fabrics 32ct Belfast "Golden Touch"
Threads: DMC

Flip Flops - Mill Hill Kit
Started: 8 January 2017
Birthstone Dragons SAL January - Ingleside Imaginarium
Started: 14 January 2017

Fabric: Hand Dyed by Stephanie - 28ct Opal Lugana "Frozen Fractals"
Threads: DMC; border in Petite Treasure Braid PB26

Dog Park - Satsuma Street
Started: 15 January 2017

This is going to be my "Ten A Day" piece.  I am in catch up mode at the moment so I did 25 stitches on my first day.
Stitching: 15th Jan 2017
For those of you that might not know, the "Ten A Day" project is a Facebook Group Challenge where you choose a WIP or new start that has approx 3,650 stitches and stitch 10 stitches on it each day with the aim being at the end of the year you will have a finish.  Of course that doesn't mean you can't do a smaller or larger project - 3,650 is a guide only.....

stitching: 16 Jan - 21 Jan 2017
Above is an updated photo of "Dog Park" after Saturday's stitching,  I am planning to post my weekly progress on the FB group every Sunday.  I love stitching on this project and do find it quite hard to put it down after the planned number of stitches each day!  By the end of the month I will be up to date and then will continue with 10 stitches a day going forward.

I do have one more new start but as it is a gift I will keep that secret for a wee bit longer!

That's it for now... lots of stitching ahead on new starts and WIPs!  This week is check in week for the 2017 Smalls SAL so fingers crossed I will have a finish by Friday!

Til next time, happy stitching... and no frogging!
Hugs xx


  1. Wonderful new starts, your moon especially is looking good!

  2. Love all of your new starts Noni.


  3. WOW ! you have many new starts, good luck with the finishes....

  4. Great new starts, Noni, especially the dragons and Halloween. Looking forward to watching them grow during the year. :)

  5. That's an eclectic mix! They're all gorgeous. I've eyed that Nora chart a few times...
    I really don't know how you can stitch just 10 stitches a day before putting your project aside though!

  6. All fantastic starts, really looking forward to watching them all grow.

  7. Greta choice of fabric for the Halloween, doesn't the moon look so different on the lilac fabric.

  8. A lot of fun new starts! Good luck progressing on all of them. :)

  9. What a lovely variety of new starts! It will be fun to watch them grow.

  10. There are a lot of great projects to follow :)

  11. Great new starts. Good luck with all of them!
    xo Alicia

  12. I always love all your projects - I just placed Dog Park in my Cart on Etsy. So love the project - it is perfect for the 10 a day. Dressmakers Daughter is one of my favorite of her designs - Maybe I will add that to my wishlist!

  13. You have choosen many lovely projects -I think I like most Dressmakers Daughter and the colorful Satsuma Street piece.

  14. You have some great new starts to show, Leonie, you must be in stitcher's paradise with them :)

  15. Great start to the year. It's going to be fun SALing with you and Kaye on Happy Hallowe'en.
    I am loving the 10=a=day challenge too.

  16. Wow...such ambitious projects, it's going to be fun watching them grow this year!

  17. Nice start and lovely progress :). I think most of us changed the dragon border to sparkles :)


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