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Monday, October 3, 2016

September SAL Updates.... October Stitching Goals....

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Hello! Another month has come and gone!! I won't tell you how long it is till Christmas as it will freak you out!! It is so close now....  

Anyway here's what I got up to in September and what I am planning to do in October if all goes well! Note there are a few shoe-horns being used here and there.... but what's the good of having a shoe-horn if you don't use it!

September SAL Update:

**JCS SAL (FB Group)"Christmas Delivery" (Designer: New York Dreamer) 
Fail.... I have sort of fallen out of love with the chosen designs for this SAL at the moment.... The October design is more to my taste so I will stitch that one!

**Christmas Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Christmas FoodFiggy Pudding! 

**Halloween Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Bad Fairy - "Black Hearted Queen" (Designer: Sub Rosa Blog)

**Lainey's Christmas Ornie SAL: posted 
**Smalls SAL: posted 

**Stitch Maynia (FB group)
Monthly SAL's:
"World of Pure Imagination (month long) - Lakeside Needlecraft Fantasy SAL - Wizard 
"Catch the Hogwarts Express" 1st Aug - Lakeside Needlecraft Fantasy SAL - Wizard 
"Colour-A-Day SAL" - "Orange Crush" - Tigger 

Year Long SAL's:
Year of Starts! (at least 1 start/finish each month): 
I had 6 starts and 2 finishes in September

Brooke's Books Year Long SAL: stitched on Christmas Grumpy Cat 
2016 Chatelaine Shenanigans SAL: stitched on Mini Mandala II - C 

**Cross Stitch Finish Line (FB group) 
"Monthly "Month" SAL - September": Lakeside Needlecraft Fantasy SAL - Wizard 
"Mill Hill SAL" - stitch on any Mill Hill kit/design: started Rubber Ducky 
"Now I know my ABC's "D": started Little House Needleworks "Dog House Sampler" 
"Magazine/Book SAL": Double Double - Lizzie*Kate  
"Autumn Equinox" - (Sept to Dec) stitch any Autumn piece through to Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere Solstice): Lakeside Needlecraft Fantasy SAL - Wizard 

**Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2016 (DUCJC2016):
Modified to 31 starts & finishes 2016: as at the end of September I have 33 finishes for 2016 of which 28 are new starts for 2016 

**Lakeside Needlecraft / Durene Jones Fantasy SAL 
Monthly fantasy SAL designed by Durene Jones - aim is to start and finish the design during the month 
Started September but didn't quite get it finished

October SAL Plans:

**JCS SAL (FB Group)Designer: From The Heart

**Christmas Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Toys/Presents
**Halloween Ornie SAL Blog Theme: Black Cats

**Stitch Maynia (FB group) 
"BAPs & Smalls, we love them all" - stitch on your biggest and/or your smallest project
"Colour-A-Day SAL" - "Catch the Rainbow" - stitch colours of the rainbow in a design on 24th
"Stitch Maynia's Election Challenge" - daily stitching challenges leading up to the US elections - runs from 25th Oct to 7 Nov

**Cross Stitch Finish Line (FB group) 
"Monthly "Month" SAL - October" - stitch on any design that is October related
"Mill Hill SAL" - stitch on any Mill Hill kit/design (15th)
"Now I know my ABC's "E" (26th) 
"Autumn Equinox" - (Sept to Dec): stitch any Autumn piece through to Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere Solstice)
"Weekend Rush #7 & #8" - 500 stitches every 2nd weekend
"Weekly Rush" - 500 stitches w/c 24 Oct

**Miribilia, Nora Corbett Designs SAL: (Nora Corbett Passions FB group) 

**Remember to post for:
Lainey's Christmas Ornie SAL
Smalls SAL

**Lakeside Needlecraft / Durene Jones Fantasy SAL (FB Group)
October design released 1 Oct

**Joyful World SAL - Snowflower Diaries (FB Group)
November design released 10 Oct

Til next time...

Take care and happy stitching
Hugs xx


Pull the other thread said...

Well done on your goals for September you did really well. Best of luck for Oct.

blue star stitcher said...

Wow, it looks like you will have a busy October. I'm not sure I could keep up with that many SALs.

Julie said...

Lots of ticks for last month, hope October goes well for you.

Bea said...

You're doing really well. Good luck with October.

Kaisievic said...

A lot of ticks on your September goals, Noni, and good luck for October!

Heather said...

Good luck you did great for September!