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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

TUSAL... and WIP's

It's TUSAL time again.....

The suitcase on the left is my ORTs collection so far this year... and the ones on the right are for the last month.  Can you see that gorgeous pile of purple ORTs on top?  Aren't they adorable?

Here they are stitched up.....

I am using this gorgeous variegated thread for the new Lakeside Needlecraft / Durene Jones Fantasy SAL.  The colour is called "Heliotrope" and it is a blend of blue, purple and pink - just stunning and perfect for this design!  The thread is from an Australian hand-dyed thread company called Cottage Garden Threads.  I bought a few of these threads when I went to the craft show recently - I have seen them a couple of times at the craft show but this year was the first time that I actually managed to remember to go and buy some.  Serendipity!

I started this new SAL on Saturday afternoon and I have almost finished 6 of the 12 circles.  My plan is to stitch all the circles in "Heliotrope" and then I will decide what I am going to do with the twiddly bits around the edge of the circles... I just want to make sure I have enough thread to completely stitch the main part of the circles before doing anything else!!

The fabric I am using is "Silver Springs" 32ct Jobelan from Colour Cascades Fabrics.  I should have ironed this before taking a pic... oops!  The colour of the fabric doesn't show up too well in the photo...  Hopefully when it's finished I will be able to get a good photo of it all.

That's me done for now.... I am going back to the couch and stitching!  I am still recuperating from my gallbladder removal operation last Monday.

This was me last Monday night (27/6) trying to stitch.... I had 2 cannula's in my left hand and I couldn't move very much but I did manage to get some stitches into that piece.  And as you know it is now finished... I tried to return to work yesterday, but after being in the office for an hour or so it became very obvious that it wasn't sustainable for me to sit at work all day... so I went home at lunchtime.  Today and tomorrow I plan to stay home and do some work from home and then I will see how I am tracking for Thursday and Friday.

I am way behind on my blog reading and email answering.... I will try and catch up on everything over the next week or so - but no promises!  Thank you all for your lovely comments on all my posts.  Take care... talk soon!

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx

What is a TUSAL and an ORT Report??
Essentially TUSAL posts are all about stitching and saving our ORT's (Old Raggety Threads) and every New Moon those of us participating in the TUSAL post a picture of our ORT's, and then leave little msgs for Daffycat on her blog to show that we have been stitching and have posted our wonderful pics. 
Next New Moon - 3 August 2016


  1. Lovely ORTs and great new start Noni.

  2. Great ORTs. Take care of yourself and stay home....happy stitching!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Link to your sal -- It looks very interesting. The thread color is really pretty. Do hope you are feeling 100% soon

  4. That Heliotrope is lovely! I like the look of the new SAL border but I'm waiting to see how cutesy the centre are and also how JE-like they are, the butterflies around the edge are very JE!
    It's real dedication to stitching to attempt it with a double cannula, hope you are feeling better soon, but not quite well enough to do full days at work!

  5. Loving that thread! Hope you continue to heal and feel 100% soon.

  6. Pretty stitching and thread Noni but not a good idea to get back to work so quickly after an op. give yourself some time to heal, preferable stitching time :-))

  7. Beautiful start. The thread colors are pretty. Hope you're feeling better, take care.

  8. I love the colours you are working with. I hope you are free of pain soon, and that your health improves.

  9. Gorgeous colours,thread and fabric.
    Hope you are feeling better every day

  10. Like the colour you choosed for your thread and I am sure this will be amazing when finished.Well done !

  11. Lovely progress :). I love the variegated threads

  12. Hope you are feeling better Noni. I would have had to try to stitch with the cannula in too. Waiting around in hospital is such a waste of stitching time!
    Love that Heliotrope thread. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one.

  13. Oh Noni, I am so far behind on my blog reading that I had totally missed reading about your gall bladder operation. It sounds like it has gone well, although naughty girl, going back to work too quickly! Stay well, my very dear friend and keep stitching (hey, I am very tempted by the new SAL but.... I have so many new starts - can I really start another one, you temptress, you!)

  14. Get well {hugs} hope you get a little better with each passing day.
    Nice new thread, that does look lovely.

  15. I hope that you have fully recovered from your operation in the meantime.


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