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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Whine & WIPs = Finish #20!!

Guess what...

web image
"Witch and Friends" is finished.....

I started this way back in 2014 for the Hallowe'en SAL Blog.   When I left it at that stage it looked like this:
October 2014
I then picked it up again on and off during the last couple of months of 2014;
End of 2014
and then again for the Crazy January challenge in January 2015;
January 2015
I was so close to finishing last year but unfortunately I got distracted... and as I heard someone say on Flosstube earlier.. I fell down the rabbit hole with this one!! :o)

So on 8th June I picked her up again... and stitched and stitched and stitched.... each night over the last week I kept thinking I will stitch on something else, but then I kept thinking "no, she is almost done!" so I kept going... and now she is done.... :o)

Finish #20
"Witch & Friends" - Donna Giampa (Vermillion Stitching)
Witch & Friends.... finished 16 June 2016
This lovely lady and her delightful friends is stitched on a Stitches and Spice fabric with DMC threads.  The design was published in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2013 magazine.

Besides stitching and finishing "Witch & Friends" I also finished a block on "Jingles"... and I have picked up "Prancer" again.

Finish #21
"Jingles - Joy to World"

There is only a couple more blocks left on this so I would like to try and get back to it again soon... but who knows!

Nora Corbett's Christmas Eve Couriers - Prancer

I have now finished the Krienik at the bottom and started on the border.... then it's the tail and onto the beading!!

So that's it for this update.... The "Whine and WIPs SAL" has certainly helped me touch some of these old and much neglected WIPs... not sure which WIP I will stitch on next... I certainly have enough to choose from. :o)

Til next time... happy stitching
hugs xx


  1. Hello Noni,

    Congratulations on your Witch, she loves being able to enjoy Halloween now. Good luck with your other cross stitch projects.

    happy days.

  2. Holy cow, Leonie! Gorgeous finishes. Well done.

  3. Congrats on your lovely finishes! The backstitch really sets it out. Prancer's looking great too.

  4. What a lovely finish! Sounds like that SAL worked well for you.

  5. Love your witch finish,congratulations.
    Prancer is looking great.

  6. Congratulations on your finish! Your witch looks great with all her familiars.
    It's always nice when a SAL inspires you to make some really good progress on a piece.
    Love Prancer and the sampler too.

  7. Beautiful progress on everything I love it all!

  8. Great stitching, and how nice Witch and Friends will be ready for your Halloween decor this year!

  9. Congrats on the cute finishes and nice progress on Prancer.


  10. A super witchy project, she looks like a good witch.

  11. Congrats on the finish - that is always a great feeling. She's a very cute witch. Prancer and Jingle both are looking good.

  12. ohhh well done that girl ... looks fabulous and love your other wips too :) love mouse xxxxx

  13. Oh how nice to get Witchy done, she looks great...
    Have fun doing your other projects....

  14. Oh my gosh, everything is so wonderful! Congrats on the witch finish, she's fantastic. The Lizzie Kate looks fab and so close to done. Prancer, well, I have a continuing love affair with those reindeer.

  15. Congrats on a lovely finish and good progress on the sampler and prancer.

  16. congrats on your finish and great work on the others too!

  17. beautiful work Leonie... you got it done in the end!

  18. Wohoo Congrats on the finish! Great work! Looks beautiful. Love your other WIPs too.

  19. It was worth staying with the witch until she was done. Such a sweet project. And you even have a second big finish, great job on both of them.

  20. Yeah, a beautiful witch stitched in time for halloween!Wonderful progress on your stitching!


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