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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spoilers Sweetie!!

I so love that saying.... I don't really have any spoilers unless you haven't seen the latest Game of Thrones episode... which in that case, please look away for a second while I do a happy dance!

Web image
Jon Snow is alive!!  
Not that we doubted that he wouldn't be back one way or the other... 
Did we?

Ok... GoT happy dance is done for today!! :o)

Back to the stitching update....

Friday Frolics
Last Friday night I carried on stitching on the Joyful World SAL "February" by the Snowflower Diaries.  When I showed you "February" last Monday it looked like this:

as at 25th April 2016
I stitched on this most of last week so that on Friday night before I started stitching it looked like this:

After Friday night it looked like this:

I forgot to take a photo of what it looks like after stitching on it on Saturday but I can tell you it is almost done!  So expect another finish soon :o)

Stitch Maynia - 15 starts in 15 days
The (now) annual Stitch Maynia event started on 1st May.  This is a FB event on the Stitch Maynia group.  I tossed up whether to do it this year given all the things that I am doing but then I decided to be smart about it... (hard to imagine I know... but occasionally I do have good ideas!)

I am going to be doing 15 starts in 15 days.... (this is the base model mind you - others are doing more!) So my thinking behind this is:

3 SAL starts that need to done this month....
1 start - Halloween SAL theme (Spiders)
1 start - Christmas SAL theme (Reindeers) - also JCS start is a reindeer (2 for 1)
1 start - Star Wars stitching for May the 4th be with you on 4th May

only 12 to go....

ABC Chats - my Alphabet Club stitching is way behind... I have only completed 3 out of a possible 9 cats! (ABC are done... DEFGHI are late - so there is another 6 starts!)

only 6 more to find now....

Joyful World SAL - Jan is done.. Feb nearly done... Mar, Apr and May are waiting to be started... so 3 more possible starts there..

which leaves only 3 more to find!

Not sure what I will do there but I could get an early start on next month's SAL's... or start 3 new Brooke's Books Advent Animals or a Nora Corbett that I am itching to get on the Q-snaps! Lots of choices for the next 3 starts so stay tuned!

I have pics of the first two starts in May below:

Day 1 - ABC Chats - Les Brodeuses Parisiennes - D

Not a great start... after a day of fiddling on Sunday I finally sat down to start stitching around 4pm and this is as far as I got as I had to take Hubby to Emergency... and that was the end of Sunday!  (I must admit I did think about taking my stitching with me as I knew we would be there most of the evening... does that sound a bit mean??  BTW he is ok now.... just had a reaction to the pain relief that he was taking after his knee operation last week)

Day 2 - ABC Chats - Les Brodeuses Parisiennes - E

A bit better progress yesterday on my "E" start... and after some frogging (which you can see the red glow of...) this is what "E" looked like when I put it down last night.

Before I go I have to show you what my hubby made for me the other day.....
A new project bag!!! The orange embroidery doesn't really show up in the photo... but the front side is "Keep Calm and Stitch" and the back is a kitty! Love the purple batik fabric :o)

That's it for today.... see you again real soon!

Happy Stitching
Hugs xx


  1. Wow I love your stitching so much ..it's super sweet xx

  2. Lovely cross stitching Noni and hubby has made you a great tote ... How lucky are you....

  3. Sounds like you are being smart about your Stitch Maynia goals to me! Lovely work on February and all your other SAL pieces.

  4. Your husband made you such a fantastic gift. Love it.

  5. I read all of Games of Thrones books but would not watch the Series because the last book ends with the "death" of Jon Snow Now I know they are possibly keeping him alive I will have to watch. Thank you for sharing Fingers crossed you make it through with your Stitch Mania I think you are on the right track

  6. Oh dear - I haven't started watching Game of Thrones, but it's on my list to see...lovely stitching - the ABC cats are so sweet - and love the bag! What a sweet husband!

  7. I'm late visiting here so having a catch up read....lots of lovely things to see, you have been busy. Great project bag hubby made for you.

  8. Good luck with your plans and hope you manage some decent stitching this month. :)

  9. Love the bag! Good luck with starting a new challenge. I am trying to behave myself...

  10. Wonderful bag! Smart idea to use the May challenge for things you need to stitch anyway, Good luck!

  11. I think those goals are a great idea! I'd do Nora as a reward :) Lovely stitching the bag is fun!

  12. oh my goodness, the pressure of all those starts Leonie! good luck with all that...
    As for GoT, I seriously think I must be the only person not watching it - & have no interest whatsoever;)

  13. Great work on your Joyful World. And what a good idea to use the Maynia SAL as a way of starting all the current partworks.

  14. best of luck with all your stitching starts, I just wouldn´t be able to cope, too stressed as it is. Love your snowflowers diaries stitching and lovely start on the ABC piece.

  15. Your WIPs are so pretty. Great progress:)

  16. Well done for being so sensible about your 15 new starts for Stitch Maynia. Using it as a way of catching up probably doesn't fulfil the "fun" part of having new starts but does ensure you don't find yourself overburdened with yet more WIPs. :)

  17. Great progress on last Friday's frolicking project. That reminds me of the fact that I still haven't posted there for the last weekend, but will do so in a couple of minutes.
    Stitch Maynia, another great challenge. I saw some videos on floss tube about it. Your idea how to integrate your SALs into the challenge sounds absolutely perfect. Looking forward to seeing all your starts.
    Good to know that your husband is fine again.

  18. Love the progress on your Snowflower Dairies. Lovely couple of ducks. xxx

  19. I forgot to look away :( :(.. we still need to take a look at it!!
    I really really love the Serie Game of Thrones!!! So awesome.. amd really hoped he was still alive!!
    Now I really can't wait too see them..


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