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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Stitchy Year

Wow, where did 2015 go - it seems like every time I blink lately another day/week/month went by - I think I will have to stop blinking! (Dr Who fans will get the reference!!)

I thought today would be a good opportunity to look back on 2015 with regards to my stitching goals and tick off the achievements and move the unfinished ones onto another year!

As frequent readers will remember I signed up to do some crazy stitching challenges in 2015, the two main ones being;

*Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2015) - 31 starts for January
*2015 Crosstitch Crazy Event - 15 new starts over 15 days in January

The original post on my 2015 plans is here. I also set up a page on my blog to try and keep a track of all the stitched pieces/WIP's.  The starting bit was easy enough... but the finishes... well that's another story!!

As well as the 2 Crazy challenges I also stitched throughout 2015 for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL blog, the Christmas Ornie SAL blog, the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL and the Alphabet Club.

So what are the numbers involved?  Well....

New 2015 starts: 37
Old WIP's: 7
2015 Finishes: 20 (inc 3 x ABC Chats & 4 x Sneak Peak Halloween motifs)
2015 Final Finished Objects (FFO's): 5
WIP's left: 24 (inc ABC Chats as 1 item for the time being)

So what's in store for 2016?

**Cross Stitch Crazy 2016 - FB group - 15 starts in 15 days

**Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC2016) - 31 starts for January (will inc WIP's as well as the new starts above)

**Stitch Maynia (FB group) - a number of different SAL's throughout the year
    January SAL's listed below:
   - 2016 Chatelaine Shenanigans SAL (Start a new Chatelaine or stitch on a Chatelaine WIP) - I have a Chatelaine WIP already
   - New Year, New Start! (Jan 2016 - start something new!) - easy peasy....
   - Year of Starts! (366 daily starts or 52 weekly starts or 12 monthly starts) - 12 monthly starts is the plan here
   - Brooke's Books Year Long SAL! (Stitch one of Brooke's ornaments/characters/designs each month) - already stitching the Advent Animals

So as you can see plenty to be going on with......

Before I go let me leave you with a picture of what I have been stitching on for the last week or so.  I was hoping that this would be a last finish for 2015 but things haven't quite gone to plan... but here he is at the end of 2015 - Nora Corbett's Christmas Eve Couriers - Prancer.

Nora Corbett's Christmas Eve Couriers - Prancer as at 31 Dec 2015
So close and yet so far!!  Isn't he beautiful?

I hope that everyone has the most wonderful stitchy 2016....

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx


Justine said...

Ambitious plans but I'm sure you'll achieve your aims! Wishing you a happy new year!

Robin said...

Good luck with your planned new starts! And congrats on your 2015 finishes. Happy New Year.

cucki said...

Good luck with your plans and
Congrats on 2015 finish
Happy new stitchy year x

Anthea said...

Happy New Year Leonie! Holy smoke, you'll be stitching up a storm this year... so many starts in such a short time! I've seen a few different fb pages & groups but resist joining in because I just can't do all those starts... I look forward to seeing your progress.

Lesley said...

Your Nora Corbett design is looking gorgeous.
Looking forward to following your stitcing goals for 2016:)
Happy New Year.

Mii Stitch said...

Good luck with the plans and Happy New Year!

Nurdan Kanber said...

Happy New Year to you too ♥

♥ Nia said...

oh looks so pretty :) just a little more to finish ;)
So many numbers! I lost count :p hahahhaha
366 daily starts?! that's insane!!! LOL!!! better choice with the 12 ;)
Hope you'll have 366 days of fun stitching! Happy 2016 my friend!!

Linda said...

Prancer looks great Noni and I love the deer needleminder. Your goals seem very doable.

Happy New Year,

Julie said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, a year filled with fun and happy times and also plenty for stitching.
That's a big list to keep you busy!

Thoeria said...

Happy new years Noni!!! Prancer looks lovely :)
Fabulous finishes for 2015 .....and that sounds like quite a list there! Loads of fun stitchy days :)

Brigitte said...

Your plans sound really good to me - increasing the number of WIPs is always something I love doing. I'm so curious to see your new starts.
Nice progress on Prancer.
Have a great new stitchy year!

Heather said...

He's gorgeous! Congrats on all of you stitching progress. Happy new year!

Bea said...

Great plans for 2016 - good luck!

gominam said...

Looking at your tally, you did a wonderful job in 2015. Prancer is indeed beautiful. Looks like your all set for another busy stitching year, great plans:)

Beth in IL said...

Happy New Year! You got a lot of stitching done!

Katie said...

Great plans! I look forward to cheering you along. Love your reindeer. Beautiful!!

Astrids dragon said...

Wow, you are going to be busy! Prancer is coming along beautifully.

Angel said...

O my, so much new beginnings:-)
Curious to see which you will be stitching this year.
Wishing you a happy new year with lots of pretty stitching and fun!
Big hugs and xx

Preeti said...

Beautiful stitching !! Wish you a happy new year with loads of happy crafting time:)

Rachel Tomkins said...

You have a lot of stitching planned for 2016 with some great SALs. I look forward to seeing your new starts, progress pictures and finishes! :)

Carol said...

Prancer is looking wonderful! And I hope all of your stitching wishes for 2016 come true... Happy New Year :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You've had a great stitching year and this year will be even more awesome!
Glad you're joining in so many of the same SALs as I am too.
Prancer looks great and will soon be finished, maybe the first one of 2016?

Tiffstitch said...

Nice progress on Prancer and great plans!

Mini said...

20 finishes for 2015 is a great number. It would be fun to see what new starts you decide for the SALs .
P.S. i found you on Instagram ,however I prefer to follow you on blog :)

jocondine said...

Prancer is gorgeous, your plans for 2016 will be followed carefully, joyeuse nouvelle année ! Amitiés